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I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Nursing in May of 2009 and passed the NCLEX RN in July. I have been searching everywhere for a facility in the Las Vegas area that is willing to hire a new graduate and have had no luck at... Read More

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    FYI you will never have to take NCLEX twice as long as you already have an active license. You just have to file out a bunch of paperwork and possibly get fingerprinted again. If its something you are considering then start trying to get a license sooner rather than later.

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    It's a national exam so you would not have to take it again, but you would need to transfer your license. So if looking out of state is something you are willing to do, all you would need to do is find out that state's requirements to transfer
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    Thanks for the info, yeah i heard something bout the compact states and license endorsement... moving to another state could really help to get employed. I somehow thought about it, my father offered me the same option though... but as of now am still hoping to get a job here.. so as not to leave my family...
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    I haven't tried out-of-state but i heard it's easy to get employed in Florida and Canada... My RN license is for Nevada, i dont know if they would hire me in other states using that license or i need to take their state exam too..[/quote: carmie_a]

    I'm not so sure about Florida, they are one of the states listed in the 'Top list for Unemployment'. Don't bet on NV for the next 2 years or so, the mess is just awful here. It's going to be a while before things become "normal" again for this state. If I were you, I'd try up north (VT, MA, CT ?) and I hear ND, SD, maybe VA are good bets? States near us seem to have caught the "high unemployment rate" bug!
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    Just wanted to update everyone..... yes, I am STILL looking for that elusive full time RN position. Yikes. Have any of you had more luck than me? Do I have ANY hope?
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    I did find one, I would start looking at UHS hospitals for med-surg, and keep bugging HR directors. Flu season is coming up, and we have lost some staff. Try Desert Springs Hospital, med surg! Good luck!
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    There are lots of New Grad RN openings in LA, california. Also check out websites of all the hospitals in Vegas, get in touch with HR and enquire abt when they are accepting new grad application. I made my search a full time job till I landed one just recently. You will find one too. All the best

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    Hi everyone. So I passed my NCLEX and am officially an RN. I have been looking for a nursing job in Las Vegas, NV for a while and there is nothing. Everyone I talk to will not hire new grads! I dont know what to do anymore. Times are so tough and my husband is about to get laid off now as he is in construction and it has totally slowed down. I have walked into hopitals, job fairs, nursing homes and so far no luck. If anyone has any advice or leads they could share I would really really appreciate it. Thanks!
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    I understand where u are coming from scasamento. I moved here after graduating with my Bachelors degree in nursing because my fiancée had to move her for his job. I have been looking for a new grad position for about 3 months now. Summerlin Hospital had two new grad positions posted that I applied for at the end of Sept. My application to them is currently being reviewed. It has had that status for about 3 weeks now and the HR department is saying they are still reviewing for people to interview. Have you tried the Home Health care agencies or rehabs yet? I need to find a job very soon because my student loan repayments are starting in Dec. It's getting a little depressing.
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    I have tried home health, nursing homes, rehabs, etc. You name it and I have applied. Everyone wants at least a year experience. Its so frustrating and I really dont know what to do anymore. Most of the hospitals said that they dont have any new grad programs starting anytime soon. It just doesnt make sense that they want people to go to school and then once you are done you cant get a job. Its so unfair!!

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