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The Nevada nursing board is unhappy with the program at National University. Please nursing students or potential nursing students, Please do your homework!!! They can no longer accept new students!!! UMMM... Read More

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    I heard that the school is in litigation and students are appealing for discriminations because too many policies were broken. I also heard that the quality of lectures are bad and they have no support for students (after they announced that they are closing, that's when they hired a tutor). They focused more on the ATI (pass/fail) but not how a student should learn after graduating or being in the nursing field. I doubt if they will get approved for BSN, students are sending all their complaints to NV State Board of Nursing. Students are not prepared for NCLEX, that's why they have low pass rating. They practice on ATI and if you fail it, the student fail the class. What a way to focus a nursing student.
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    I heard that too, if they have a reason to sue I say go for it, I personally am satisfied with my education from NU. I completed the LPN program at CSN in 2000 and I think NU taught me a lot more and have me better prepared than CSN did. I do know that the ATI is a terrible way to fail out and they will if you do not reach the benchmarks, but the representative from ATI said the assessments are used to see what a person needs to study, not to gage what they know or are proficient in- so I never got why they would kick someone out over ATI.
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    Quote from GonnaAmazeYou
    I am a student in one of the final cohorts... the school is not bad, it was just that fact of so many schools and the low pass rate, the state board of nursing had to crack a whip. National did not have that many students in their first cohorts and it it goes 2 years from when your first student tests, you have to achieve an 80% pass rate. The only place they were wrong was by starting their program when they only had 4 or 5 students. The last cohort that graduated had 10 or so students (this was their biggest class to graduate so far I believe) and all of them passed on the first try. My cohort has 18 students and hopefully we will all pass on our first try.

    Anyways they aren't closing, they are bringing their BSN program from CA-- it is already nationally accredited so the state board of Nursing will approve their provisional licensing... they just have to finish with the ASN program and then they can start on that. It is actually a good school, and the instructors are awesome- including the director. I doubt I will get my BSN there though-- it is TOO expensive!!
    I heard about their BSN coming to Vegas. But I don't think they will get approved because of all the complaints and litigations they have that BON knew about. Because of all the changes in their policies that they don't inform students or clear about their ever changing policy. They might grey approve if all the staff are replaced.
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    The same is true for SAN DIEGO. I recently posted this on NU Commons (A web based app on facebook) to the nursing community and it was immediately deleted and I no longer have access to NU Commons.

    Please please rethink about attending nursing at NU San Diego. The pass rates are low. SDCC has a higher pass rate. The lead clinical instructor who is on leave is quoted as saying, "Don't be afraid to FAIL them." Recently a cohort lost 30 out 45 students in MEDSURG I. To me that is a reflection of the Professor. Try to talk to some nursing students in the program. The nursing campus is in Rancho Bernardo. I'm sharing this because although I am still in the program, I really feel that future students should know what they are getting into. Everyone's experience will be different. The program is a lot of money and before making that huge investment on them, you should do your research on school, faculty, pass rates, how problems are resolved, etc. If you choose to attend anyway, good luck. =>

    Like I said. Everyone will have a different experience. I am just stating facts and giving you advice on how to do research on National University before making a huge and expensive commitment. My advice is to go to the Rancho Bernardo campus and ask questions from students and faculty.
    Ask them how they resolve inconsistencies with lecture objectives and exam questions?
    Ask them how can they be ok with 30 out of 45 students being failed in one class and not question the instructor, who is still on board as a faculty member?
    Ask all the questions you can think of before you make the commitment. Once you fail a class, you will have to wait for the next cohort on space available basis. So please think about it carefully. For the price you are paying for your education, the quality is not there.
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    You do realize NU is one of, if not only, non profit university in San Diego that doesnt force you to achieve a certain score on the ATI predictor test before allowing you to sit for board? All the other schools have artificially inflated scores because those that are more likely to fail the NCLEX are not even given a chance to take it!
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    Sooperdooper I think you are misinformed. NU requires level 2 benchmark in all classes as well as competency predictor test. If you don't achieve the level 2 you are sent to tutoring and given one more chance, if you fail you fail the class. If you fail the competency predictor you are dismissed from program.
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    And whatever they are doing, whether the state board agrees or not, is working because I passed NCLEX on my first attempt with 75Qs and so did 5 of my classmates(8 more are testing at the end of the month)
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    I am proud to say, I graduated from National University. I passed the NCLEX in 45 minutes with 75 questions. Today, I am a pediatric critical care nurse.

    Sense graduating I have become certified in among others, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, pediatric critical, and I am a soon to be BLS instructor.

    In the unfortunate event a child who is important in your life becomes critically ill or injured, rest assured this NU grad has the knowledge and skill to keep your precious child alive.
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    Anyone know if NU pre reg's would transfer to CSN or NSC?
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    Nope they cannot be transferred to CSN, UNLV, NSC because NU is not accredited by NVBON.

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