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  1. Hi.. I'm new to this whole forum thing. but does anybody know how much LVN's make in Las Vegas, NV?
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  3. by   P_RN
    Try They have a general range for such things. Another this would be is to look up the various facilities you'd be interested in and look at their open positions. LV runs at full speed 24/7/365. My son gets his dental appts at 3 am there.
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  5. by   MikeyJ
    LPN/LVN's here in Las Vegas actually have some semi-difficulty finding jobs. Many of the hospitals have actually stopped hiring them. UMC (County Hospital) completely did away with hiring LPN's within their hospital (I think they still hire them for their off-site clinics).

    But LPN wages at the county hospital (which tend to be a bit lower then other hospitals) started out at around $17/hour I believe.

    I know a lot of LPN's take positions in the the LTC facilities and private physician offices, but am not able to comment on how they make.
  6. by   MusicNurseCarrlee
    I worked as an LPN in Las Vegas in 2007 and I made $22/hr in a Long Term Care Facility(Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation), $20/hr in group home for MR/DD and $18/hr in home care(pediatrics & hospice) with 4 years experience. There are quite a few opportunities for LPNs outside of the hospital setting-don't be discouraged. Hope this info helps
  7. by   ourfinenites
    hi lpnlele

    i'm planning on moving to las vegas in late may / early june. could you please provide me with a couple ltc facilities or any other clinical sites name that i could potentially look up for an open position as an lpn? i've been searching online but as they stated above, it seems like the hospitals are only looking for rn's now...

    i currently work at a hospital in the med/surg telemetry unit.

    thanks so much, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. by   Ethan'sLVNAuntie
    Hello, I am considering relocating to LV as I can only find part time work as a LVN in southern california. I only have 6 months exp in SNF, Hospice and Immunization clinics. Does anyone know what the job prospects and pay is out there now in LV. Does anyone know who is hiring? I would appreciate any advice or just to hear others LVN/LPN experiences. Thanks!