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  1. by   clynne2009
    Ok, I would think that too. I have class that day, so I can kindof keep my phone by me, but at the same time, I can't just get up and walk out of class. Thanks!
  2. by   christina731
    I'm sure they will leave a message for you with their number if you can't answer. I actually called them and they gave me the "good news" since I'm so impatient but when they called me back to give me more info it came from an unknown number so make sure you answer the phone no matter what the caller ID says!
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  3. by   clynne2009
    Ok, thank you so much!

    Good thing this week is busy so the time should 'fly by'
  4. by   soxley
    My week isn't busy at all....it's going to be torture!
  5. by   christina731
    My gosh...I remember when I was in your shoes. I wasn't taking any classes at the time and the only thing that occupied my time was my boring job that I could do without thinking and with my eyes closed. It was torture! All I would talk about was hopefully getting in and my family/friends/coworkers were sick of listening to me! Try to stay busy until you hear from them! It may help your sanity!
  6. by   SunshineDaisy
    I almost ran off the side of the road when I got my call*LOL*
  7. by   clynne2009
    Wow, I can tell my subconscious is definitely thinking about that call. I just had the weirdest dream about it. I picked up the phone to answer it, but the person on the other line couldn't hear me. I tried calling back and then couldn't get through! Ugh!

    So glad it was only a dream right?!
  8. by   EmmmGrace
    Hi Everyone!! I have been reading this feed since, I'm pretty sure, the day that it started!!! I'm so excited and anxious about the next week or so that I can't even get a good nights rest I have 29 pts and I'm still a tinsy bit worried but so so ready to get a call! I just registered for my toolbox and I already got all my vaccines, my physical and my CPR done! The wait now is horrible! I was wondering if they give out calls if you do not make the cut? PS Christina you have been MORE than helpful during this stressful time! Thank you!
  9. by   SunshineDaisy
    I think you get a letter if you don't make it in. I wouldn't worry though, 29 points is pretty safe!
  10. by   Workinghard123
    Welcome to the thread EmmmGrace. 29 points is great! Try not to lose sleep, it lowers your immune system! 3 more days!
  11. by   D.Borden
    Tick tock tick tock........I am watching my phone...... Jumping every time it rings. Hurry up CSN!
  12. by   tgibs87
    I have been watching my phone non stop too... I called yesterday to make sure and they are for sure making calls on Thursday so these will be the longest couple of days...
  13. by   D.Borden
    So it's for sure Thursday, not before? So if no call on Thursday, that means we didn't make it. This for sure is going to be a very long week!