CSN current nursing students - online classes?

  1. I would be very grateful if any current or past CSN nursing students responded to this post. I have heard from a few people not to take the online classes, and from others that they would have taken them online if they could have. Thoughts? Opinions?
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  3. by   Melissa131
    First semester I took in class...I thought it was a waste of time (for me personally), I would read the textbook during lecture. 2nd and 3rd semesters I took online classes. I loved them. 4th semester I am taking 211 in class. I learn by reading so taking online classes was a much better fit for me than in class. I guess it depends on how you learn and if you have the motivation to set aside the time to study since you aren't going to class.
  4. by   slynwilli
    Thank you Melissa, I appreciate your response. I've taken mostly online classes (exception was bio) at CSN and I love them. I've heard horror stories about the online nursing classes. Maybe it's just first semester? Maybe it's the professor that's teaching 101?
  5. by   justmeinlv
    I am a past nursing student and I am currently taking general education classes at CSN. I would say it really depends on you. Online classes offer flexibly and are good if you are more self passed learner. Classroom classes demand that you pace yourself. If you are the type of person that needs motivation to study online classes may not be best. Also you loose a lot of the social aspect of college when you take online classes and that is really important, especially in nursing.
  6. by   delleh
    It does depend on you and your situation. Online for the first semester is doable (I'm doing it), but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. One of the instructors is exclusively online (also does pharm onine) and I think her recorded lectures are a complete waste of time. I prefer online courses for convenience and have always done well with them, but this semester I wish I had chosen differently. I wouldn't say either one is easier... first semester is tough all the way around.If you happen to be on the part time track, all available lectures appear to be online after the first semester. You wouldn't necessarily lose any social aspect because all of your labs and clinicals are in person and that's where you really interact with other students and patients. Good luck to you!
  7. by   Cali17
    First off you might not get a choice. You will draw a number from the lottery to select your class selection. You might be lucky and get a low number. If given the choice to take online or in class for the first semester I would say that you will prefer the professors in class. It appeared that these students had a much larger advantage than online students. I can not go into further detail. I did not need a class to motivate me or do well, it just would have been MUCH more enjoyable and I could have learned more. The online class you are on your own to learn and figure things out. That being said, the tests were so hard online that I did learn how to think more critically and it really shows when I take the ATI tests because they are easy compared to the 101 tests.
    I am in the final weeks of my online 101 class...I have the same instructor as above ^^^ starts with an R and i actually liked it. I have a 101% in the class too. its not as hard as people make it seem imo. Pharm was much more stressful. However I have experience in the field already. Don't worry either way, if you do practice NCLEX problems you will do just fine!