Being a new grad sucks!

  1. I had another interview. This time I flew to Reno so I could meet the department heads of the pediatric unit. This was a week ago and still nothing. I hate being a new grad. They said they would decide by the end of last week and hr would contact the people selected. It's so frustrating not know. Being in limbo. Not being able to sign a lease on a house or relax at all because any day I hope I get The call, the call from the facility that wants to hire me and I have no idea where or when this will happen or where I will be this time next year. I doubt it will be in Las Vegas so I just have to stay here in limbo... Waiting. Wishing. Hoping. Praying. Wanting. Maybe tomorrow they will call and hire me, or maybe tomorrow I will get that ugly rejection email.
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  3. by   puravidaLV
    yea it "sucks" even I as a BSN have to contendwith everyone else and as I type this I am in a ticket booth for a show down on the s trip making 12$/hr, yet I have a job and looking at prospects outside this state.
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  4. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    I have a very positive outlook on my life. Thanks for the feedback.
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  5. by   shaggy77
    As a new nurse, you will be getting MUCH insight from your preceptors and managers.
    It "sucks" everywhere right now. I'm a grad too, and in Florida. Let me tell you, I don't think I'll even be getting a job here, that's how much it "sucks" here. I already know we're going to have to move. I have no idea how I'm going to manage either. Paying back student loans six months post-grad is really scaring me.
    Many Florida grads are six months, ten months out and they still do not have a nursing job. You are not alone, trust me.
    There is an abundance of negativity, fear and anxiety for new grads right now, and in general for the medical profession. At least you're getting interviews. Many newbies have not even gotten that far yet. So there's a plus in your corner.
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  6. by   puravidaLV
    I had looked at that persons reply for two weeks and the only words I could have replied would have been...well...not nice. Thanks for laying it down in what I would say is a eloquent response.
  7. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    shaggy77 I appreciate your comment.

    I accepted a job offer before Christmas on the IMC floor at Valley so things are DEFINETELY looking up for me. Just takes time, commitment and a winning personality.

    I had gotten another offer last month that was rescinded due to my medical treatment that is overseen by 2 of my doctors(I have neuropathc thoracic outlet syndrome which is relieved by medical marijuana which I have used for 8 years). I let other nurses know who were curious about whether med. marijuana was acceptable during employment screening(it isn't btw) and a lot of people have Been wondering, but no one ever answers the question so I did.

    I don't use mmj recreationally, it is a medically recognized pain therapy regimen, unfortunately it is not socially acceptable in the nursing community and still causes liability concerns due to the fact it has an extremely long half life making it impossible to know whether someone used it 4 hours ago, or 4 days ago... I had to restructure my pain management regimen and live with a little more pain, but hey you gotta sacrifice to be who you wanna be, right?

    Anyways being a new grad looking for that first job is hard. It sucks. And no matter how positive you try and be, it is rough-- but eventually YOU DO GET THAT CALL....YOU FINALLY GET THAT JOB OFFER. And that feeling goes away-- you realize your hard work WAS NOT in vain, and it was all worth it. To anyone who reads this post, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.... It WILL happen.

    I got this job by networking at continuing Ed classes- I met a charge nurse in my Critical care class -- I got my last job offer by going directly to the unit and asking what I needed to do to work there(I made an appointment with the nurse mgr via phone, I DID NOT walk in uninvited) and I had all certs I knew they wanted so it was very easy to turn that "mentoring session" into an interview, and a job offer...

    I was offered another position 2 weeks out of school for the ER new grad position at UMC but I wasn't eligible to take NCLEX by the start date( my degree posted at a weird time from my school) -- so if you are in Vegas, graduated from a local school and you have been out of school longer than 4 months without a full time job offer, you are doing something wrong and should rethink your marketing plan(applying for a job is marketing yourself) cause I have now had 3 offers, and I graduated in July and took NCLEX in August.

    I had 2 interviews where I did not get the job(one in Reno at Renown and one at a surgery center that I really DIDN'T want anyways) of my class of 14 we are all employed At local hospitals, with the exception of two people, one of which is at a LTC and the other is an EMS nurse for AMR.

    Tyvm and good luck to all the new grads on here!!!!
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  9. by   johnybhoi24
    DNSv hello! I am interested.. I have 3yrs working experience as LVN. I worked 2 yrs on SNF and 1yr on subacute unit.. I am really interested. I just need to endorse my RN license in Nevada.
  10. by   gayarn
    Hello, I am new grad RN, licensed in Nevada. I live in Las Vegas. My name is Gayana. Please e-mail me more details on Thank you.