any1 know a hospital that accepts cali RN license while awaiting for NV license?

  1. hi! i just passed the NCLEX and i have a new california R.N. license but am currently living here at las vegas. does anyone know any hospital or watever place i cud work at that accepts the California license while im still processing my california-nevada license endorsement? im an international graduate, flew from the philippines and i called the nevada bon and they said that i gotta send a copy of my transcript with my nevada license application. i gotta start working, i cant afford to simply wait.

    please send me a reply to whoever that cud help me out on this one. thank u.

    p.s. thank God for helping me pass the NCLEX!!!!
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  3. by   TnKzMom
    Congrats on Passing..Wish I was at that point! I would call a hospital and ask them. Tell them you got your Cali license and are waiting for your Nevada and see if you can work while waiting. It's worth a try. Good Luck and once again CONGRATS and wish you the best. I just took my NLN today..Yikes!

  4. by   halabira
    tnx, TnKzMom.. u'll get here soon, dont worry.
  5. by   drn8552
    I,m waiting for a clearance for my Nevada RN license. I al ready have a California license. I have a job waitin for me at Renown Hospital in Reno. I think they dragging their feet because I had two DUI 30years ago This is driving me crazy. Someone please help
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    in us, lpn and rn's need to be licensed by the state in which work facility is located unless part of a compact state agreement.

    a compact, or multi-state, license allows a licensed registered nurse (rn) or licensed practical nurse (lpn) to work in another state without having to obtain licensure in that state long as your permanent residence remains in the compact state where you are licensed

    the state where the nurse is licensed and the state where the nurse works must both be part of the compact agreement.

    for a list of compact states, click here. nevada is not part of the compact.

    board of nursing list is located under resources toolbar @ an- --top right corner.

    any criminal convictions, dui, defaulted student loans, failure to pay child support etc all reasons for need closer review license application and extra time or possible sanctions on license --- with each state moving at different pace and needing to contact all boards one every held licensure.
  7. by   newgrad916
    hey drn8552, I have recently received my RN license in California, and would like to know obtained your license in Nevada. I'm currently searching through the Nevada BRN, but can't seem to find that information... Thanks!
  8. by   elkpark
    The only other exception (besides the NLC) to needing to be licensed in the state is the Federal government -- they only require that you have an active license in A state, not necessarily the state in which you are working. So, VA hospitals/clinics and other Federal healthcare facilities will accept an active license from any US state, regardless of where the facility is located.

    However, their hiring process is typically so slow that I'm sure you would have your NV license by the time you got started in a Federal job ...
  9. by   Reno1978
    Instructions for how to get a license by endorsement, for those of you who have a license in another state, are here:

    Upon receipt of your application and all of your required documents, NV does issue temporary licenses so you may begin working while your application is being processed. You may have a shot doing that, but you would need to have your fingerprints, application, transcripts (domestic and international applicants must do this), license verification, and copy of your current license sent in. And if there are no problems, a permanent license is issued within a week of receiving all this stuff according to their timeframes....and that was my experience when I got licensed in that state.

    From the NV BON application:

    One temporary license may be issued when the appropriate criteria has been met. It is valid for six months and cannot be renewed. If you obtain a temporary license, but do not complete the licensure process, you will not be eligible for another temporary license.

    Time frame: As processing of your application is dependent on receiving documents from outside sources, we are unable to provide specific time frames for processing. However, if your application is complete and meets the criteria for issuance of a license/certificate, we can generally issue your (temporary or permanent) license/certificate within one week of receipt of your application and applicable documents.