Any USN Grads out there?

  1. Hi All,

    I've been looking everywhere for some info on USN's nursing program in Henderson. Are there any nurses out there who have graduated from their RN program? It's very appealing but all I know about it is what's been put on their website. I really want is to hear some reviews from former students..or maybe even if you know a former student and heard anything they had to say. I'm curious about the instructors, how well orgranized they are with the program, how prepared you felt for the nclex and to enter the field after it worth the tuition?
    Thank you.
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  3. by   puravidaLV
    I would like to know as well.
  4. by   puravidaLV
    I was looking up stats of the NV nursing board, and I was having problems with this number and was wondering why they had such low passing rates on the NCLEX
    University of Southern Nevada took 33 passed18 %54.55

    taken from:
  5. by   mmt4
    I wonder b/c they are accredited by the NLN and I thought you needed a good (not sure of the exact) pass rate - or maybe that is for the state board of nursing to approve you.

    Considering each block requires a 90% to pass it makes you wonder if they are being a little easy on the students in the classroom or if they simply are not preparing them with nclex style questions and not encouraging independent preparation for the nclex as much as they probably should (considering that abysmal pass rate).

    I am going to dig a little deeper b/c honestly, with the fact that they don't require all your sciences to be less than 7 yrs old, I could get in and possibly graduate from USN by the time I would start CSN. It makes USN more attractive but of course if you don't pass the NCLEX well what is the point.
  6. by   nightnurse702
    Hi all-

    I'll be graduating from USN this March 2011. I do not recommend this school at all. I know- it is terrible for me to say. However, you're really not getting what you pay for here. They put our class through hell. The faculty, they claim to be on your side but they will literally TRICK YOU. The Dean tries to be fair and claims to be a student advocate, but she'll back up her faculty more than anything. She told our class that we aren't studying hard enough when with this is a 90% school and all you do is study! I just cant wait to graduate and get out. The faculty admits the workload is too heavy due to the fact the dean is accepting too many classess at once. The teachers do not have time to prepare lectures, hence they do a poor job of presenting the material--at the end, we as students hurt! $50,000 is not worth poor education.
  7. by   Unthinkable
    Hi nitenurse702, can you give us more detail? :S Because the program seems great on paper and you are one of the few who mentions the cons. Congrats on your triumph though and I wish you the best!