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by KittyinNj

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was curious to find out what the average patient ratio is on a neuro floor? I worked on a combined neuro ortho floor and it was 4-5 which at times was difficult, having 2 post ops ortho pts and add on 2-3 confused patients with... Read More

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    Wow I'm jealous. I work in NYC Neuro floor/step down and we are lucky if we get a 1:5 ratio. Usually 1:7-8 . I hate working in such unsafe conditions!
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    I work on a combined neuro/ortho floor on days and we get 5 patients. Can get super nuts when your fresh post ops come back then crazy old stroke man is climbing out of bed. Keeps you on your toes!!
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    I have to say, 6-8 pt load is too much. I don't know how safe pt care can be delivered, following all hospital policies and unit practices, with even 5 pts. and CNAs who do nothing. and charge RNs sitting at the desk playing candy crush. see what I mean. how is your pt supposed to be 1. ambulated if possible 2. washed/clean 3. in tact skin 4. all meds on time 5. perfect I/O Q4 or Q8 6. drips drains EVD LD monitored 6. supported/educated/etc ???