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  1. Techy214

    didnt get consent signed?

    It's so much easier for them to blame the nursing staff than actually challenging the Drs in the same way. They would never use the same tone of voice and blaming attitude towards them. That is why we need to document like crazy.
  2. Techy214

    Does it ever get better?

    Some patient groups see you doing those things and then instantly lose any respect for you. Just because it's in the scope of nursing practice doesn't mean you have to enjoy everything. I would be worried if she didn't find it disgusting. She/he is just being honest.
  3. Techy214

    didnt get consent signed?

    Yes I agree that it is the person who is explaining the risks and benefits of the procedure who should obtain the consent. The nurse has a responsibility to chase it if it has been overlooked but there's only so much you can do.
  4. Techy214

    Does it ever get better?

    I'm not really that much more experienced but I find nursing has improved over the last few years. I was on a nice unit and decided to try a different branch of medicine. I didn't like it so I'm going back to my old unit. Thankfully they will take me back. The experience has taught me that once you find a good fit STICK WITH IT!!!!! Funnily enough many students come and hate the unit I'm on. It's different things for different people but just find somewhere that works for you. The situation you describe is the norm unfortunately. Once you put that uniform on you are in a role... You're not really a normal person anymore for better or for worse. You get used to that and only you can decide if the pay is worth it. I don't care being treated badly by patients and their families. I am used to it and endure it to pay the bills!
  5. Techy214

    how to perform basic neuro check, not the NIH scale

    At a basic level you need to assess three things for a general neuro check. Patient's GCS Pupils Power in all four limbs Report ANY changes, even if they tend to fluctuate. I think people forget to report neurological changes or don't assess it properly and I've seen people in deep trouble for it. As long as you do those three things correctly and accurately first then you can worry about the more advanced stuff.
  6. Techy214

    Why is Med-Surg so hated?

    I'm in the same. Coming from critical care back to my medical unit. New grads need to see how it is elsewhere and they will realise any problems with medical surgical nursing are the same elsewhere. Where I am med/surg is not looked down on as much as specialty elderly care wards or nursing home.
  7. Yes our manager will not necessarily allow you to drop your hours unless it's a dire situation. She has the power to do it but she will inform you that there is no position available for part time staff and suggest you work as required
  8. Techy214

    Combative/Violent Confused Patients

    Sorry to hear of that. In future, if he goes to kick you, just leave him to it. It's hard but he is refusing your attention. You would not be blamed after that for leaving but persistently offering care they will hold against you!!! I remember being bitten so hard that I had a six inch purple bruise on my arm. All I did was hold the man up so he didn't fall and he sank his teeth in as I transferred him to the bed. I was told I should have just let him fall. No support was given, I was made to feel embarrassed. The family apologised for their dad which was nice.
  9. Techy214

    patient load on your neuro floor

    On our unit the ratio is 1:4 on monitors and 1:6 general inpatients eg rehab beds. The ones on monitoring need neuro observations hourly and are stroke admissions.