Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

  1. How does one become an Epilepsy Nurse Specialist? Is there any specific certificate I can get to become one? I am a BSN RN and am working on my MSN now. I also have epilepsy and had sucessful surgery 12 years as well. I would love to be an Epilepsy Nurse Specialist but am not aware of how to go about it. Hope you can help. Thanks, Barinbass
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  3. by   StepbyStep
    I dont want you to think no one cares so i will post a reply...I have no idea nor have I ever heard of that. If you find out post some info
  4. by   Phoenixbyrd
    I am also interested in taking this path. I hope you've gotten some information on this - and you are willing to share! (I also had a successful surgery)
  5. by   redddy
    Here's a listing of Epilepsy Centers in the US: http://www.naeclocator.org/locator/resultsall.asp. I'd recommend trying to work at the one nearest to you. I'm an RN on a Neuro Unit at Tampa Gen, which has one of the few comprehensive epilepsy centers in the state, and care for patients on our long term seizure monitoring unit. I've learned soooo much in the past two years I've worked there. I'm not sure about certification. Contact one of the centers, and perhaps they can give you that info.
  6. by   Barinbass
    Thanks for the replies. I think that getting the right letters might get me the respect I would need to work in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Centers. I would choose no other area unless it is with the Neurosurgery team. I too have had succesful surgery. Very glad there are those with our experience as well as others interested in working in this area. It is very much needed from my experience as a patient and as a nurse. it also will be the most fullfilling thing I have ever done. Barinbass
  7. by   gayl01

    Did you ever find out more information about being an epilepsy nurse specialist?
  8. by   sa3461
    I also want to become a nurse specializing in epileptology. I have epilepsy, and my epileptologist and her nurse inspired me to become a nurse. They both have help me out so very much with EVERYTHING but Myla, the nurse who was there, left last year before I had the chance to ask about any programs for nurses specializing in epileptology. My dr. is an assistant professor at Baylor University for med students but I'm still going to ask my her about any programs she may know for nurses.
  9. by   michelle504
    Hey everyone! I too have epilepsy and would love to take this path. Currently with the help of a (V.N.S.) Vagus nerve stimulator implant and two epileptic medications I only have two seizures a month (mostly in my sleep). Please let me know what it would take/post any additional information you discover on this topic here.
  10. by   Rob72
    I'm assuming this is what you all are thinking of...? http://www.esna-online.org.uk/index.asp

    Seems to be a UK thing.

    In the US, the only assosciation/specialty I'm aware of is the Certified NeuroSciences nurse (NSRN) http://www.aann.org/credential/content/index.html
  11. by   michelle504
    thanks for the helpful links!
  12. by   Lyndsea
    I had no idea there was such a thing. I am in school for my RN (I will graduate Spring 2013) and I really want to work in neurology but specifically with epilepsy! My father and my sister have epilepsy and my little sister has Dravet's syndrome. I would really love to work with epilepsy specialists because it's been a significant part of my life! I have had two seizures in my life, but I have never been diagnosed with epilepsy. I have migraines too. Let me know if you find out anything!
  13. by   Studentnurse365
    I know this thread is a little over a year old, but I am so exited to read that there are nurses with epilepsy! It gives me a little more hope (I'll be starting nursing school next semester). I too had a successful surgery, went from a seizure every 30 min to if don't get enough sleep i could have one. I would also like specialize in epileptology! Do they have Nurse practitioners
    who specialize in epileptology?
  14. by   lmb1
    Me too! I graduate in Spring 2014 and have a specific interest in epilepsy. My sister lost her life to epilepsy. I would love to work in neuro, but epilepsy is something I am really passionate about. Good luck finishing up school!