Comprehensive Stroke Units: What is your staffing matrix?

  1. I have been attempting to determine what other hospitals comprehensive stroke care units RN to patient ratio is. I started this process off by compiling a list of comprehensive stroke care units (there are nearly 200 in the US, if not more--the list is lacking a few hospitals) and calling the hospital switchboard, asking to be transferred to either HR or RN recruiter for their comprehensive stroke unit. Clearly, I could just call the unit and ask who ever picks up the phone what their ratio is. The problem is that the hospital operator does not know off the top of their head which unit is comprehensive stroke certified AND--working on a comprehensive stroke unit myself--I don't want to clog up the lines on that unit when I'm not a family member of a patient or staff.

    So, now I'm here. If any of you work on a unit that is comprehensive stroke certified, please reply with your DAY shift and NIGHT shift RN to patient ratio along with the HOSPITAL, CITY and STATE you work in.

    Thank you!!!