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I was inspired by the looonngggg "you know you're a nurse if..." thread on the Nursing Humor forum, and thought we could do one based on our specialty. Here's a few I came up with and please feel... Read More

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    My dream is to open a facility that only cares for comatose orpans. (no call bells or family) I figure neuro nurses will line up to work there.

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    Quote from elkpark
    :chuckle Not neuro, but in the neighborhood: I've spent years trying to convince the rest of the psych nursing community that we should develop a series of Public Service Announcements for TV and radio on "Ways You Should Not Bother Trying to Kill Yourself, Because They Won't Work" ...
    Had Anatomy with an EMT for a lab partner. We just don't see most of the gunshots to the head, only the ones that don't work. Not that I'm recommending it.
    I start my psych rotation Monday. Hope it isn't horrible. Do look forward to seeing my friends in EMT, though. Most should be due for a little "rest".
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    When the staff are flipping coins to see who gets the next GSW to head or post-op craniotomy.....!!

    Neurosurgeon asks 2d post-op crani for occipital tumor how many fingers he (the surgeon) has. Guy pauses, then says, "I reckon you have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs". Neurosurgeon, of course, did not appreciate the humor in it...:angryfire
    Only in West by golly Virginia...............LOL
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    Quote from jnette
    Great thread.......... these are cute ! :chuckle

    I could think of some doozies specific to Dialysis, too ...
    I'd love to hear 'em, Jnette. Why not start up a list in the dialysis board?
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    When the only useful thing you learned in High School was wrestling.
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    You guys are killing me!

    Thanks for the laughs! I just finished up three days in a row with one little man that was "pleasantly confused" (i.e. crazy) and a MICU trainwreck with the most wacko mother I've ever encountered.

    Makes me appreciate the humor all that much more!!!
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    You know that a "floor bed" does NOT refer to an empty bed somewhere in your ward. And you DO believe in them - you do you do!!!

    You believe that there are patients who look on bed rails the same way that Hilary looked on Everest and with the same determination.

    Bed rails just give them extra height to fall from.

    Houdini had nothing on a Little old Lady with a chronic subdural!!!

    When it comes to restraints some patients actually need to be superglued to the mattress and THEN they would still manage to escape!!!
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    When the creative commercials for Listerine Strips give you ideas of how to deal with "neuro breath".
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    ITA Johnny!!!

    When you firmly believe that the severity of the cerebral insult it directly proportional to the degree of halitosis!!!
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    When you come home everyday and realize how blessed you are to live another day, when you see young adults come in with new brain tumors, glio, etc., or even a trauma event

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