Is Creighton's Accelerated BSN Worth the $$? Is Creighton's Accelerated BSN Worth the $$? | allnurses

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Is Creighton's Accelerated BSN Worth the $$?

  1. 0 Is anyone that is reading this post familiar with Creighton University's Accelerated BSN program? What is like (lab equipment-ie teaching dummies, lecturers, clinicals, etc.) and is it really worth the $40,000? thanks for the info!
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    That's how much nurse anesthesia will cost me. IMHO, no that is WAYYYYY too much $$$$.
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    MOst accelerated programs are around that...
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    I just graduated in August from this program. Yes, it is a lot of money. I'm not sure how other accelerated programs compare - you might want to check that out. Creighton has a wonderful reputation in the Omaha area for producing excellent nurses. In fact, managers have told us they hire Creighton grads (especially accelerated) before grads from their affiliated schools (ie UNMC & Methodist prefer Creighton grades over UNO & Methodist college). I'm not sure what your location is, but I know even in other cities Creighton has a name for itself. A couple girls from my class are going to Chicago & the hospitals there loved Creighton grads. I know even with the economy in the current state, many of my classmates have found not only jobs, but jobs they really like. Creighton also offers a "scholarship program" in which you would apply to. The hospital would pay for your tuition (75% if you work there 3 years, 100% if you work there 4 years). You could look into the details of that if you would be interested. If you have any questions feel free to send me a pm! Good luck deciding what works best for you!
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    It's actually cheaper than alot of other private accelerated programs....Duke is over 60k as is OCU's

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