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  1. Hi all:
    So, I got a late acceptance to Creighton University's accelerated nursing program for August 2011. Yay! Question is: Is it really that impossible to work part-time while going through the program? I know you are strongly urged not to, but you also are strongly urged not work your first year in college, and I did that and did fine. My part-time hours would be Friday night and Saturday night, so they would not interfere with any late-night clinicals, or most Saturday ones. Any insights? I'd be willing to jettison the part-time hours, but it would be nice to have a little cash if possible. Give me the benefit of your experience/insight/wisdom!
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  3. by   catmom1
    I did the accelerated program when I was about 35 years old and it wiped me out. I didn't even have time to do laundry and the sleep deprivation was overwhelming. It felt like what I think early dementia must feel like.

    We had a pharmacy instructor who also taught in the medical school. He told us the accelerated nursing program was even more grueling than medical school becuase you have way less discretionary/free time in the nursing program.

    There is no comparison between the accelerated nursing program and the first year of undergrad.

    All that being said, you could try holding down a job & if you can handle it, more power to you.

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. I was single at the time and imagine if you lived with someone who could handle household chores like cleaning & laundry while you go to school, that would make a difference too.
  4. by   stevejer
    Thanks for the insight! My boss was incredible about it -- said to take the first month or two and see how my schedule worked out, and maybe I could work during breaks or something.
  5. by   TESC'10
    Hello all!

    I am in the process of applying to CU for the ABSN program August 2012. Any suggestions regarding the essay and application? How early did you both apply? I am having a hard time gauging how competitive the program is, and also a little unsure as to how the rolling admissions process impacts that. I am interested to know how fast the program fills up. Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing a few stats about yourself-- it always helps to know what kinds of applicants are being accepted!

    Thanks for the insight and best of luck to you!
  6. by   stevejer
    I did not apply until May (I had to have certain prerequisites in order before being considered), got accepted to the January class, then there was a cancellation in the August class and, because I lived in the area already, I was able to move in very quickly and accept it. So I got very lucky. I think your chances are excellent; to use me as an example: I am in my 40s, my bachelor's degree (in communications) was in the dark ages (80s!!!), and my original GPA was only 3.0 (although my GPA on my science prerequisites was much higher; don't know if that made a difference or not). I also put a lot into my essay; I figured it was my one chance where I might have an advantage, since I work in journalism and basically write for a living.
    Best of luck; let me know if I can help. Orientation in less than three weeks!
  7. by   Lauren4268
    I'm in the program right now....finals in a few days =( ha! It is possible to work during it, but I'd only do it if you absolutely have to. And you'd only be working weekends (which is really you only relax time). The first semester has more tests, expect 1-2 every monday or tuesday. The second semester is more feasible to work because the class work is lighter, but the extra clinical time tires you out!! They waste no time in the first semester getting down and dirty haha good luck!!! let me know if you have any questions!! Congrats too =)
  8. by   Lauren4268

    I'm in the program now, and after talking to everyone since we started in January, it seems that they weren't too competitive on selection. I know I was glad to find a school who would take someone without a 4.0!! I applied at the end of April last year and found out in June that I was accepted for a Jan 2011 start. I'd say you have a food chance of getting into next August if you apply soon. You can always email C.H. and ask her if the section is full.
  9. by   stevejer
    Dear Lauren:
    Thanks for your insight -- I'm thinking I'm not going to work during the year. Less than two weeks! Good luck with graduation.
  10. by   Quickbeam
    I am a proud ANC Creighton graduate (1987). It was extremely draining. We lost 2 students who tried to work and do the program at the same time. I'm not saying it is undo-able but I would say don't risk it.

    The program is fabulous. Go Blue Jays!