Creighton accelerated nursing program

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    Hello all:
    I read some interesting advice re the cost of Creighton University's accelerated nursing program. I have another question: Is it really that intense? Right now I'm at a two-year college getting my science credits in hopes of qualifying for Creighton's accelerated nursing program. My anatomy professor said he knew someone who tried Creighton's program and "it almost killed her." Seriously? I really don't want to opt for a slower-paced and more traditional route; I don't have the time (I'm in my 40s) and I don't have the resources. Any opinions on this?

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    I didn't go to Creighton, but I did an Accelerated program in the Kansas City area. Before going in, I heard from several people that it would be the hardest thing I'd ever done, that I'd have no life, etc. etc. It was difficult and time-consuming, don't get me wrong, but the most challenging part was time management. You definitely won't have tons of free time in an Accelerated program, but you'll learn to manage your time and figure out what works for you. My class formed study groups pretty quickly, and we always posted study guides, etc. to help each other out. As long as you use your resources and have a good support system, you'll be fine. I also worked part-time while in school, which definitely made things more challenging, but again - doable. Hope that helps, even though it's not Creighton-specific. Being a nurse is totally worth it.
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    moved to ne nuring program forum.... see other posts here. these programs are intense with lots of writing...see that they changed preregs to include 4 hrs inorganic chemestry and 4hrs organic/biochemistry.
    if you have support at home, and don't mind dust bunnies, go for it!

    school of nursing: accelerated 1-year bsn - creighton university ...
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    I'm in the program right now and almost done with the first semester...thank god!!! Everyone tells you it is intense, but you won't really know how it is until you start. In my undergrad, I took 15-18 units a semester and worked 40+ hours a week, and had more free time then I do in this program without working at all. Its definitely manageable, and to me it will be worth it in 9 months when I'll be done!!! It's also been a great experience so far with the school of nursing. Great professors who are really supportive of students. Many of them went to Creighton and a few did the accelerated program, so they know how we feel.
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    Hi Luran,
    I got accepted to the August 2011 class, I am from Arizona and never been to NE. Can you tell me about the student living? Is it easy to find a roommate? Are the apartments close by affordable? I will need a place to live there, is it hard to find a place very cheap?
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    The apartments that I have seen nearby campus are either very expensive downtown professional-type living (~$2000+/month) or are not very nice. Creighton is on the very edge of a dangerous side of town (North Omaha), so living anywhere north of campus is not recommended. A lot of people in my class found roommates with other people in the program through e-mail. You should get an email soon regarding schedules and what not that has a list of everyone in the program, then you can just send a general one out saying you're looking. A few of the girls in my class went through River Park Apartments in Council Bluffs, IA which they say is about 5-10 from campus, just over the river. Also, several past grads own homes where they rent out the rooms to creighton students. keep an eye out for emails from "C" regarding these situations. Good luck and congrats!!
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    I agree that I would not look north of Creighton for housing but you could go a little west and find housing that is not too expensive (though I guess that is subjective) in an area that is probably safer. Overall, Omaha is a pretty safe city but we do have some gangs and drive-by shootings. Most of the shootings occur in north east Omaha.

    I am a visiting nurse and the vast majority of my clients live in north east omaha. Though I try to be aware of my surroundings, I am not too paranoid about going there. I also try to be smart. I have a few clients in some pretty bad neighborhoods that I do not schedule after dark or on the weekend. (I do not do acute so I can choose.) Personally, I would not choose to live in that area but I don't want you to be scared off thinking Omaha is a big bad city. Omaha is a great place to live and has lots to offer. Hope you have time to enjoy it while you are here.
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    Council Bluffs, IA, just across the river, has many nice, affordable apartments and the commute to Creighton would be 15 minutes max. CB is a very safe residential area. I live in southwest Iowa (a little farther north than most people probably want to live, relative to Creighton), so let me know if I can help.
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    Thank you for the responses, lauren, anurseatlast, steve I will wait for the email and go from there.
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    has anybody on here gone to creighton or is currently attending? I've applied but have heard mixed reviews on quality of the not too worried about being in nebraska as I feel i'll be busy with school but truly want to know if creighton will prepare me to work as a nurse!

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