Will it fail you quickly if you aren't good in 1 area...

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    So if I failed it's because of meds. I feel good about the math and the other stuff.

    The meds were awful. I learned maybe 2 of them in school, only one was on TV and the rest I not only had no clue but using the suffix was useless because they didn't use drugs with the ones that stood out.

    So I'm wondering if I did poorly in the meds within the 75 questions and did well in the other stuff would it give up on me, figure I'm not safe and shut off because 1 area I wasn't doing well in. Does it give you a certain number of questions in 1 topic within the first 75 and if you get enough wrong it determines that area was just so bad that it won't give you more questions trying to see if maybe you can do it.

    I'm really wondering if the meds did me in since they were just something I couldn't prepare for.

    I'm hoping that if I was doing okay in other areas that it would continue to question me in the meds with the other stuff mixed in.

    I'm really annoyed by how meds are handled when you compare what is taught in school and that ANYTHING is fair game on NCLEX.

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    Yes, you can fail based on just one area like Pharmcology. I had a friend that failed because of pharm. However, you don't know your results yet, so I would hold off on jumping to conclusions. You may have gotten more of them right than you think, or some of them might have been trial questions.

    Good luck! :redpinkhe
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    Depends on how they classed the question.

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