Who took the April NCLEX?

  1. as we all know that today is april 1 and the nclex made changes in their exam and raised their standard passing score....

    can the people who took their nclex in april share their experience on the new nclex format? coz i will be taking the exam this april/may....

    a million thanks!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is no new format, questions will not be any different in their appearance from what they were in the past. Passing level is increasing by a decimal point.

    If you have properly prepared in the first place, then this should not be any issue for you.

    Today is April 1st, so there are not any that have had the exam since it has been increased. But if the person has not taken the exam before, they will have nothing to compare it to.
  4. by   aimless
    I did today and i feel simply..........SICK...... waiting for the results...... sigh
  5. by   parenee70
    hi there!... Think happy thoughts... I took my pn 4/4/08 and still havent heard anything.. going on my 5th wk... that worries me.. this is my second attempt... I stopped @ 110... I cant even sit in my own skin... Good Luck... rp
  6. by   aimless
    I PASSED! TOOK THAT NCLEX ON APRIL 29th....... JUST FOUND OUT TODAY 5/6/08! I PASSED--to all who helped me thru this AWFUL week of not knowing, and for all the support I got in the past month here......THANK YOU! ONWARD with the rest of my nursing life!
    ~amy in alaska
  7. by   Silverdragon102
  8. by   nars1218
    Took my exams last 04/03 and passed. Didn't know there were changes..
  9. by   onji
    took mine 4/23/08... 75 items... still no result... not feeling too well either..
  10. by   ethenmon rn
    Quote from onji
    took mine 4/23/08... 75 items... still no result... not feeling too well either..
  11. by   onji
    applied for saipan.. took it in manila..
  12. by   parenee70
    2nd time around... did not pass pn! stopped @ 110quest.... felt confident . results on 5/12/08... Any suggestions on kaplan?.... t16astronurse
  13. by   parenee70
  14. by   cathieloves
    I took mine on April 18th at 8:00 am. I am soooo nervous and my stomach has knots in it every time I go to the mailbox. This is the 2nd time I took it. First time I got 205 questions, and the second time I took it I got 85 questions and the proctor said that was a good sign. Well, any comments would sure be appreciated. Thanks!