What to do if you fail the NCLEX

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    I just wanted to give advice to all of you who have failed the NCLEX. I could give you a million reasons why I failed, but the point is that I failed. I took 265 questions in four hours. I walked out to my car in tears just knowing I failed. I tried the Pearson Vue trick shortly after and never got the good pop up. I cried for two days straight. I had never failed anything before so I didn't handle it well. I had two initial thoughts when I finally paid for my early results and saw the word "Failed": 1. I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out and 2. I need to immediately come up with a study plan and try again. I chose to watch Netflix for a while.

    I ended up choosing the Hurst Review, which saved my life! I know everyone says to practice questions, questions, and more questions. I say if you don't know your core content, answering questions isn't going to help. I know that book inside and out. (It's also a good idea to know your lab values.) It's important to have one study resource and stick to it. One of my problems the first time was choosing 3 different study references and getting overwhelmed. I did four of the Hurst tests and my scores were: 86, 88, 97, and 102. I got scared that I was only passing the Hurst tests because I was only studying Hurst so I took a Kaplan practice test and did very well so it made me feel better. A lot of my classmates said they had one or two med questions so I did not really focus on meds and ended up having about 6 of them. I still wouldn't recommend stressing over meds. I also had a few dosage questions but they were basic and very easy. By question 5 I had SATA, which is a good sign. My entire test was priority and SATA, again this is a good sign so don't freak out! I remember thinking that my test was getting harder and harder. During my first test, the questions were pretty basic and straightforward -- Not a good sign! I also gave up after a certain point on my first test--Don't do that!! As long as the computer is giving you questions, you have a chance of passing!

    Before I took the NCLEX the first time, I did not prepare like I should have. I had this constant feeling that I was going to fail. The morning of my test I just knew I wasn't prepared enough and was going to fail. A week before my second attempt I was so nervous and anxious that I was certain I was going to fail again, but after lots of prayer I had this peaceful feeling come over me and truly felt as if I was going to pass. Even the day of the test, I still felt at peace. I'm happy to report that not only did I pass the second time but I passed with 75 questions. I finished in 54 minutes and got the "good pop up" by the time I walked to my car and my license was posted on my board of nursing's website the very next day. It was the hardest test I have ever taken, but I was more than prepared and confident in myself. In order to pass you must be both. I remember constantly thinking, " What if I never become a nurse?!" Well now that's just a silly thought. I mean if you can make it through the nursing program, you can pass the NCLEX so please don't do that to yourself!

    My last piece of advice is this: DO NOT GIVE UP! Please remember that no situation is permanent, whether it is good or bad so count your blessings, study hard, and pray harder and you can achieve. If God brings you to it, God can get you through it!
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    Thank you for this post I'm a second test time taker and taking it very soon! This was so encouraging to read
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    A very congratulations............I am also preparing for the third time. Donno how it will go?
    But hoping for the best.
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    Good luck!!
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    Thank your for this post. I'm taking my 3rd time hopefully I will get it this time.
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    Thank you, this is encouraging. I have the Hurst book, but I studied the sections so spaced out over a month and still have some left and my test is in a week, plus a funeral to go to. I have waited 2 months too long to take this stupid test from a delay in getting my ATT (I didn't receive it until 2 months after my graduation date) and feeling like I needed more time since I started working right after getting my ATT. I have anxiety issues so I delayed studying so much that it might come back and bite me, but then everyone has all this confidence in me. So I feel I must just cram all I can and get it over with. I don't know what to do but at least your post gives me some hope.
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    Those are a few of the reasons I failed the first time. EVERYONE told me there was no way I would fail, but I did. Knowing what I know now, I would push your test back until you have studied. While reviewing your material ask yourself questions. If you don't know the basic s/s of kidney failure and/or what electrolytes to monitor, you're not ready. You're not just studying this stuff for NCLEX, but for your entire career. Good luck and please take it when you're ready!!
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    Quote from 2013rn2BScorpio
    I used the quick hurst book I found at my local Barnes and Nobles for $40. It had a lot of good pointers and basically everything you need to know. It comes with a ton of practice questions. I noticed a lot of questions were used in the Q Review Hurst uses. Good luck!!
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    Hello. Im almost ready to give up cause i failed my nclex 3x... I dont know whats wrong with me. =( i have the saunders book and lipincott.. Is hurst good as well? Really need help. Or tutors?? =(

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