What to bring to the NCLEX exam

  1. I take my test on Thursday, so as you can imagine, I'm super nervous...

    But I want to know what I should take and what I need to leave. I know that my license and my ATT will be coming with me. My phone will be staying in my car...

    Are we allowed to bring ear plugs? Or do they provide them?
    I know jackets are iffy, but what about hoodies? Can it only be something without pockets?
    I think I heard somewhere that they'll have a place for the stuff that can't go in the testing room... will I be able to lock it somewhere? I never like leaving my purse somewhere that isn't secure.
    The only breaks you can take are the scheduled ones, correct? And are snacks okay? If I'm going to be there for 6 hours, it would probably be wise for me to bring something if I am allowed...

    Is there anything specific that you brought with you that you were glad you remembered? Or something that you didn't realize wasn't allowed? Something you wish you brought? I know they're extremely strict about what goes in with you.

    I understand that this might be a silly question and I know I'm over thinking it... but I think I'll be a little less stressed if I know exactly what it'll be like in the testing center.
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  3. by   ash.RN.
    Pearson provides headphones/ear plugs. I was able to wear a light sweater, we were told to keep jackets outside the testing room. They have a locker outside of the testing room, which they give you a lock for. You can take breaks whenever you want, they don't have to be scheduled. Snacks/drinks are fine you keep them in your locker. For my breaks I just drank juice and brought candy with me. Good luck!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    The rules are all on the Pearson Vue & NCSBN websites. Good luck
  5. by   randomly
    Thank you!
    I'm really glad to know that they'll provide locks... and ear plugs. I'm better at studying and testing when it's completely quiet!