What NCLEX review book should I study prior to the NCLEX??

  1. Hey I am a senior nursing student. I will be starting my practicum in about a month and then will graduate. I am starting to really think about the NCLEX and want to start studying for it now. There are many books available to do this and I was eondering what worked the best for others? any recommendations are appreciated!!!! thanks
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  3. by   BlueEyedGuy
    Here's my plan:

    1.) Hurst Review for content. The cool thing about hurst is that it's a targeted review, their philosophy is NCLEX 80% med-surg content, so they focus on that core content.
    Hurst isn't REALLY a book though, it's a review course. If you take it in person you get their book, and if you take it online you get the book as .PDFs to download and print out.
    2.) Lippincott's Q&A Review for NCLEX by Diane Billings-- After Hurst I'm going to focus on doing question. I'm planning on 240 questions a day. 2 hours of questions, 2 hours reviewing what I got wrong, do that morning and afternoon.
    3.) Then I have access to ATI questions, so I might do some of those.
    4.) Maybe NCLEX 3500.
    5.) Hurst all the way through again at some point.

    I have the yellow Saunders book too. I'll probably use that as a reference for looking up stuff I missed.

    If you need test-taking strategies, than grab the Kaplan book or take their class. We had ATI through school, and I think they did a good job of forcing me to learn prioritization, so I think I'll skip the strategies and go for content and questions. Also, if you get the Kaplan class people say their questions are good/slash hard and really prepare you for NCLEX.
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  4. by   leanforward
    I went with Saunders and PDA by laCharity, practice lots of questions from kaplan, nclex 3500, saunders cd, passed with 75 q based on pearson vue pop up, results not official yet.