What it's your license number?

  1. Hi guys I took my nclex yesterday and I know I won't know for sure I passed until 48hrs, bu I was just concern if I won't to check with my license number, bu wha I the license numbe?? Is it the ATT candidate number, the registration ID or the authorization number?? I'm confused now!!!!?? Please help
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    License has nothing to do with ATT registration ID or authorization number it has to do with state issuing you a license number once you pass NCLEX and have met all other requirements to be a nurse in that state
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    The license number is your nursing license number, which is issued by the state. You can put in your name or SSN or whatever your state BON goes by to look up license numbers to see if yours has been posted yet.

    Have you tried the Pearson Vue Trick? It's not an official result but it seems to be right most of the time. That gave me peace of mind since the TX BON took 4 days to post my license number on their website.
  5. by   lailakamal
    Will I did the trick and didn't work but some people didn't get the good pop up and they pass, I freaking out but I believe on god and anything can happend!!