What drugs should I know?

  1. 0 What drugs (or classes) should I really know inside and out? Which are most common? Are there some that the NCLEX likes to throw at you? Which drugs might I be expected to know when working a med surg floor, as a new grad?
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    The top 200 list Top 200 Drugs - U.S. Only

    This has been discussed here alot....Common Med Surg drugs....

    1. Digoxin
    2. Lasix
    3. Vancomycin (so much c. diff it's not even funny)
    4. Lisinopril
    5. Phenergan
    6. Morphine Sulfate
    7. Lortab
    8. Benadryl
    9. Percocet
    10.Lexapro or Zoloft or Paxil, etc (any SSRI antidepressants)
    11. Insulins (log, lin, NPH, mix, Lantus)
    12. Metformin
    13. Propanolol
    14. Nitroglycerin
    15. Aspirin
    16. Acetamenophen
    17. basically any NSAIDS
    18. K dur
    19. Heparin/Lovenox
    20. Coumadin
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