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What does verification date mean?

  1. 0 I looked myself up on the BON and this is what it says:

    Provisional License #: *********** Designation: Licensed Practical Nurse Applicant Status: Active Issued on: 25-AUG-10 Expiration Date: 25-FEB-11
    • This individual must practice under the direct supervision of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Nurse, or a Licensed Practical Nurse.
    No discipline information on file.
    SRNA#: ********** Status: Active Expiration Date: 30-MAY-11 Original KY Registry Date: 30-MAY-07
    Is not listed on the Kentucky Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Nurse Aide Abuse Registry.

    Verification date: 01-OCT-10.

    My question is what is verification date mean? Because October 1st, today, is the day I took my NCLEX-PN. Does that mean that they know I took it or does that mean they know I passed it?

    And the PearsonVue trick gave me the "good pop up".
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