What am I doing wrong? Failed NCLEX 4x

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    I failed NCLEX-lvn/lpn four times. I am completely out of faith that I will become a nurse. I have a great heart to take care of human being that need help. For me nursing is a call but the only thing I need is to pass the Nclex. Please help me

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    Don't be too discouraged. I know that may be easier said than done. How were your grades in school? Do you get test anxiety? Did you over-prep? I know my manager said one time she failed her NCLEX the first time ( she is really smart ). If you used one study guide, try switching to a different one. For example: If you used Kaplan, maybe get Saunders or the other way around. One book may make more sense to you than the other. Point is, don't give up. You've come too far already. No school will pass you unless they think you are ready. So you are ready. If you feel this is a calling then fight for it. No quitting. Regroup and try again.

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