took the Nclex RN- Dont know how to do PVT

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    I dont know if I pass or not, just took my exam at 11:30am and finished 265 questions. Does it mean i failed?

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    You can pass or fail with minimum or maximum number of questions. Read the first post on this thread which tells you how to do the trick
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    You can pass with 265 questions because I did. Keep the faith. Did you do the PVT?
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    sign in to your Pearsonvue account. act like you're registering for the exam. enter in all the info. right after you specify which state boards you're taking, click NEXT and one of two things will happen: the GOOD POP UP or the credit card page. the good pop up will say, "our records indicate you have already registered..." this means you passed. if you're taking directly to the credit card page, you probably failed and will have to wait about 48hrs for your official results.
    everyone here is saying the PVT is rarely wrong, tho some have had mixed signals. My bestie did the pvt the first time and it took her to the credit card page. she cried cuz she thought she failed. she did the PVT again later in the evening and the good pop up came up. her official results said she passed. but for the most part, the pvt works. good luck!

    the thing about having the 265Q test is that the last question has to be above the passing standard, regardless if your answer was wrong or right. if it's below, you failed. the scary part is, you don't know where you are in relation to the passing standard by the time you reach 265.
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    Quote from GrandNurse1908
    You can pass with 265 questions because I did. Keep the faith. Did you do the PVT?

    i just tried now, i failed for the first time....i cant help but to cry.

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