Took NCLEX YEsterday

  1. 3 I took my nclex yesterday for the 3rd time. The first 2 times I failed at 265. After my second attempt i took a three week break from studying and just relaxed my mind. I picked back up studying all month of december and the first two weeks of Jan. I read the yellow saunders book and the 2013-2014 Kaplan strategies book. My test ended at 78 questions. I had 14 select all that apply, 1 med math, 3 pictures, 1 drag and drop, tons of priority and i believe 3 med questions i didnt understand. I havent done the PVT trick because i am nervous.
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    I was nervous to do the trick after my test as well. I'm sure you did good. Just keep praying! Good luck!
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    Thank you Im trying to stay positive! How do you feel you did on your test? they say if you walk out feeling like you failed, you passed and vice versa but the first two times i was unsure and i failed but this time I feel somewhat confident that i passed
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    Wishing you a positive outcome
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    thank you so much!
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    Welcome, are you going to wait it out or do the PVT
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    I think I'm gonna wait it out till tmr I'm just too nervous to do the pvt
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    I definitely know how you feel
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    sounds like you pass! stay postitve! thats good you didnt have as many SATA questions like most are saying. I have not took mine yet, but im using saunders and kaplan too, i just order the Lacharity book for delgation and priorty quetions. good luck!
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    I felt like I failed haha, so I was really nervous to do the trick. I think you should of done well if you had a lot of priority. I had about 10-15 SATA as well.
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    Im praying I did! and my first 5 question were SATA in a row i thought it was a joke like why am I being tortured lolol
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    That makes me feel somewhat better thank you! I find out tmr the results
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    Yeah I know how you feel. That test was crazy, but I made it through. I will be praying for you!

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