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I took the nclex-rn the first time with just the saunders review and failed at 265 questions. I decided to get the kaplan review and did everything that they told me to do. I did all the questions in... Read More

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    I would like for you all to let me know if the notes were helpful to you if at all. Keep me posted and I am wishing you all well. Please check your inboxes to the email addresses that you requested for me to send the notes to. I look forward to hearing from each of you:O)
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    Hi Glam,
    I'm new to this website, so can you tell me where to go for the inbox for an email address? Thanks!
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    Hi Glam can i also ask for your notes. my email add is thank you.
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    Hi Glam,
    Congrats on passing the NCLEX. I am going to take the NCLEX soon, so I am desperate for any help/advices to help me prepare for the NCLEX. Would you please send me a copy of your notes if you still have it? Thank you so much.
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    Hi Glam! Could you please send me your study sheets? I am so panicked about taking my nclex in 10 DAYS! my email is
    Thank you! jbauer05
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    Quote from glam
    Hi, my heart goes out to you for I also failed the nclex on the first try. The reason, I should have rescheduled it due to me having mouth surgery the day before. So on October 17, 2010, I went into the test still high off loratab. I got 265. So, I knew that I was having variability. When I walked out, I knew that I failed. So, I decided to continue to study the same way that I studied the first time but minus the surgery. I did well on test in nursing school and scored in the 98% on the Hesi. What I would encourage you to do first is to make a calendar. The Prentice Hall Nursing comprehensive Reviews and rationales book has a calendar in it based on 45 days of prep time. It is awesome and the book is as well. I went through this entire book cover to cover. I also have the Saunders 4th edition Questions and Answer Review by Linda Anne Silvestri. This book is amazing and the CD that comes with it has all of the type of nclex question formats on there. It is definitely tailored like the ideal test. I would encourage you to have this book on hand it has over 4000 plus questions in it alone. I also have the Saunders 4th edition comprehensive review book by Linda Silvestri. This book is ideal for giving you the basics and a review of what you may have forgotten. I divided the sections in the book up by content and studied just like I did when I was in school. So I used all of these three books for the first 30days of study and focused on the areas that I was weak in; being ob and peds. Then the last 15 days of study, I made a list of things to know like labs, infection control gear, burn diagram, Acronyms to remember, and pharm. The last 7 days of study I put all books away and just studied my notes. I focused more on peds calculations and adult mcgs/kgs/min. Then on the day before the test I put all books away. I took the day to rest my mind. I was anxious because this was the second time that I would take the test. Mind you, I could not sleep this night for some reason. So on January 21, 2011, I went into the test anxious, but confident. I prayed before starting and 6hrs later I was done. I had 265 questions again. When I made it to question 199, I had a talk with myself; I knew that the test was not going to cut off and that the next 65 questions meant a pass or fail for me. I focused really hard on the next 65. I went home nervous and crying. An hour later I tried the Pearson vue trick and got the pop up. The first time when I failed it took me straight to the credit card page. I knew that this was a good sign but I was not truly convinced. So, I waited the next 48hrs and paid the $7.95 for the score report and the score report said PASS!!! I still was not convinced and the next morning the FBON had my license number on there with my name! I WAS RELIEVED. I wrote all of this to tell you that it can be done and to not be discouraged. You can inbox me and I will send you my study guide sheets. I am praying for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Hi, your story is inspiring, if you can send me your study guide

    thanks a lot !!!!
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    I first took nclex in early April and went to 75 questions. I thought I passed because I did not hear of anybody that did not pass at 75 questions. I did the pearsonvue trick and it let me re-register. Later in the month I received a letter in the mail saying that I did not pass nclex. To better prepare for nclex I decided to do Kaplan Q-bank and Kaplan Question Trainers 5,6 and 7. I also used a review sheet that I got online that had many acronyms that came out to be very handy. I took nclex yesterday 4/19/12 and went all the way to 265 questions and almost 6 hours later I finished the exam. I was extremely nervous because of all the questions I got. I tried the pearsonuvue trick this evening and I finally got the "good pop up"
    Keep the faith everybody. I felt like I said a silent prayer after every 20 questions that I did once I got past 100+ questions. Just try to relax and think everything through!!!
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    Quote from sushilover
    i took the nclex-rn the first time with just the saunders review and failed at 265 questions. i decided to get the kaplan review and did everything that they told me to do. i did all the questions in the q-bank and took all 7 test trainers along with studying saunders again. i thought i was doing well with that too. took nclex, got 265 question and failed again. i plan to retake the nclex for the 3rd time but i dont know how i should prepare for it now. any advice would be helpful. thanks.
    you are not alone, i took mine 2x and failed, i always stop at 75 and fail, the second time i took it i know i pass but when i got the mail, it says i failed.
    i hear you and know what you are feeling for failing the second time, i am like you, lost and don't know where to start to review for we think that we did almost everything when we took our exam. i am not in the position to give advice since i haven't passed mine, but this time i bought books from saunders 5e, exam cram practice questions and exam cram 3rd edition, and pda from lacharity. i still have my old kaplan book and cd with questions , what i am planning to do now is go by system using saunders 5e,(i already took the assessment test it says in my study calendar that i have to start on pediatrics seems like it shows in my assessment test in saunders that my weakness is pedia and maternity ,which is true), so after i finish that book i would start with examcram book then go on its practice questions, and then pda, i just recently purchased a strategy on how to answer questions( which is i think i need because i never try to study how to answer questions 1st and 2nd time i took my exam) i have it in my kindlefire so incase i go out i could still read ( every hour and minute counts for me, reading 5mins outside home or study area will mean alot to me so almost all my indexcards i made a copy and put it in my kindlefire). this is what i am trying to do now. good luck to both of us!.
    i read a very inspiring phrase from one of the passers that posted a topic here in an and says
    what good thing god has started he will finish it." and i truly believe it coz i never liked nursing, i wanted to be an architect or an interior designer, and i didnt know why i ended up in the nursing field and maybe god has a reason why i ended up in this career and though i failed for the 2nd time, i still have to hang on, its hard but i know time will come for me to be one of the rns and so is you