Took Nclex today

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I took NCLEX PN today and it shut off at 87 questions. This was my second time around taking the exam. I heard about the PVT trick and I thought I would give it a try. Well I did and I got a pop up (can't remember exactly what it all said) that said contact your member board, already scheduled, and cannot schedule another exam at this time. Was that the good pop up that everyone is talking about and if so, does that mean that I passed.
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    i think that's the good pop up. Good Luck!!!
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    Congratulations... I can only imagine how that feels now, soo much happinness~
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    OMG!!! Best feeling ever. Being a single mom of three, god you have no idea. My kids are soo excited for me.
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    We ALL are happy for you and your family. GBY!!
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    I took the NCLEX PN yesterday for the first time...and the computer shut off at 85 questions! IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT. It was mainly all select alls, math, and priority! I'm very nervous! I also tried the pearson vue 'trick' that everyone talks about. I got the same message as you! But... I'm a true skeptic until I see my actual "PASS/FAIL"... Good luck! Hopefully, we made it through
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    congrats girl!!!!
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    Does the PVT really work? I don't want to get excited and not have passed? SO NERVOUS. The end result from this stress will DEFINITELY be worth it, hopefully!
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    Good luck with your official results.

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