TOOK NCLEX RN TODAY SHUT OFF AT 75 and good pop up

  1. So I posted a few days ago about testing in 3 days and I tested today. The test shut off at 75 I got like 10 select all that apply. I did the Pearson vue trick and got the good pop in Virginia how long do I have to wait to call? is it too early to celebrate? has the good pop up came up for anyone and they didn't pass? im freaking out in a good way but im nervous just wanted some reassurance thanks everyone and good luck with all the future testers
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  3. by   lisa861971
    congrats to u
  4. by   Future Nurse T
    if you got the good pop up....that means you passed. I would celebrate....heck you deserve it! Studying for this thing is not a testing Monday and going crazy.
  5. by   carvit3308
    Thank you guys! It was really tough to study but I guess it paid off finally. Good luck on ur studying all I can say is study HARD! It will be worth it when you can burn those nclex books or pass them on to the next studier lol
  6. by   RunningRn24
    Yay for you! Today is your day! I'm not in Virginia but I got my certificate about 1 week after passing.
  7. by   BuffaloGirl
    Congrats Carvit! GL to you in your new career
  8. by   closetoyou21
    I took the nclex yesterday 75 questions and got the good pop-up!!! Checked doh website today and license was up!!!!! You passed!!! Breathe a sigh of relief...