Took the NCLEX-RN today (6/29) - page 2

I did the Pearson Vue trick about an hour after I finished the exam and got the good pop up ("Our records indicate...blah blah blah"). I'm so excited!! Based on the threads around here and even the support of the trick from my... Read More

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    Quote from khushwinder
    What is pearson vue trick?
    After you take your exam, log on to the Pearson Vue website and try to register to take the exam again. If it won't let you go to the credit card page to pay and you get a pop up saying you've recently scheduled an exam, and that another registration cannot be made, it means that you have passed. Likewise, if you are able to get to the credit card page to pay, it means that you have failed.
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    Quote from mistyRN74567
    If this congrats is for me, thank you so much!
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