Took NCLEX-pn this morning..thoughts Took NCLEX-pn this morning..thoughts | allnurses

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Took NCLEX-pn this morning..thoughts

  1. 0 I took my NCLEX-pn this morning at 8 am, tried to register with PV again and got the GOOD POP-UP! (praying it works) Mississippi resident...

    The test was kind of a challenge to me b/c it wasn't what I had prepared myself for in my 9 days of review. I was so focused on the disease processes, drugs, and lab values! PLEASE YALL don't forget about the fundamentals!! I took only about 60 minutes on my test and it cut off at 110. I was more nervous going out than coming in honestly.

    My Plan of review:

    1) My school worked through ATI to I had the virtual thing .. blah, blah, blah! I did not like virtual ATI at all. I didn't wait for the "greenlight" from my tutor. Let's just say after Med-Surg dumped virtual and did a few of my old ATI test to compare results

    2) Mosby's Comprehensive workbook: I did the Med-Surg portion. I read the rationales closely to understand why I missed a question.

    3) My school had the Sylvia Rayfield review in June so I used that workbook and really read the rationales.

    .... I don't have money for expensive review programs so the above is what I stuck to, also looked through old notes from class.
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    Awesome! Way to go!
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    Good Job
    I'm soo happy for u.
    U deserve it!