Took Nclex-PN 09/16/2011 and I am BEYOND nervous.

  1. First of all, I just wanted to say this is my first time ever posting on this website so HELLO EVERYONE!

    I know obviously there is no way of 100% knowing if I passed or not, but I just wanted to see what you guys think! I've noticed that I'm 1 of a trillion people that thinks they failed the test after taking it so I already don't feel alone, but I have always been the person who OVER ANALYZES everything and honestly my nerves can't handle much more of this WAIT GAME!

    I am a bit worried because I noticed that most people said the test is suppose to get more "difficult" if you're doing good on it, but of course I know there is no way of determining what the computer considers as "difficult." However, I'm almost positive MAJORITY of my test was basic knowledge type questions and that's what I'm worried about! It stopped at 102 questions, and it went from easy to more challenging questions in the middle to easy again towards the end. I'm almost positive I missed the last 5 questions that I'm thinking were more or less easy with the exception of the very last question and I'm not completely 100% sure if I got the last question correct! I've NEVER been good at comprehensive exams, it took me 3 times to get a 19 on the ACT alone! I had an AA degree prior to starting LPN school and went in with a GPA of 3.86 to be exact, and I'm not sure how much LPN school lowered my GPA but throughout the the program I was on the DEAN'S list the entire time. I did good on tests, and I've studied for hours on end since I graduated in July but I still feel like I failed this test MISERABLY. I'm so frustrated at myself because I kept thinking it would shut off at 85 so when it didn't, it's bad to say but I just kinda felt like giving up and started not caring as much about the answers I selected! Towards the end, alot of my questions were repetitive which is another bad sign according to some of the things I've read! I had such a mixture of questions on the exam also! Around 10 SATA questions, 3 procedure questions that I had to list things in order, 2 dosage calc, around 10 medicines, many prioritizing questions, and MANY MORE STAFF EDUCATION QUESTIONS! What do you guys think about STAFF ED questions? Are those suppose to be easy? Also for those of you who passed your boards, did you feel like you had many easy questions on your exam? I'm just feeling completely DOOMED right now! The only chance of HOPE I have is the fact I DID do the PVT trick and I did get the "GOOD" pop up BUT one little thing has me iffy about the trick! I'm from MS and my board of nursing website from DAY one has been misleading. After I graduated and my transcript was sent to them for me to take the test, it said that they NEVER received when in fact they HAD after I called them. The woman told me they just hadn't updated it on the system. They had received it like 3 weeks prior to me talking to her! Well I've looked on the MS BON site today, it says I haven't scheduled to take my test through Pearson Vue. I'm just curious as to what you guys think about this? Will this effect the PVT? Like I said I got the good pop up where it tells you that you've already registered and to call board of nursing, and the delivery status on Pearson Vue says DELIVERED. I guess I'm just finding it hard to trust the trick because I was almost positive I failed plus the fact my board of nursing website isn't always up to date so I hope this doesn't interfere with the PVT even though I don't see why it would!

    Thanks so much in advance for ANY piece of advice you guys have to offer!
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  3. by   stephc1973
    Sounds like you passed. Congrats!

    I would only worry about Pearson Vue since that is where you took the test. Their computer system definitely is up to date fr you since you took the test.
  4. by   Entangled
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did PASS!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got my quick results back that confirmed it!!!!!!!!!!!! The PVT definitely works!!!!!!!
  5. by   cardiacnurse1
    congrats entangled.
    wish me luck when i take my test for the 2nd time. i still traumatized from the 1st. !!!!!!
  6. by   mommyof2Tees
  7. by   Entangled
    Thanks all of you! It means so much! I thought FOR SURE I failed because so many people were saying your test should become more difficult and not be basic knowledge but I indeed passed!!!! I'm horrible with comprehensive tests, but what helped me the most was doing nclex style questions because they DO get you in the mindset of nclex. I'm sure you will pass this second time around cardiac nurse