took nclex 7/29/13

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    Phew! Just finished taking NCLEX RN. Finished at 170 something questions. When the computer stopprd I was in shock. Walked to my car, still in shock. I had no idea how I did through out the test. Usually people say they can tell when they're doing bad etc, but I felt like my questions stayed the same difficulty level throughout the test, which worried me a lot. I was preparing to go to 265. I felt very comfortable taking the test, I was familiar with a lot of the questions (thanks to kaplan and hurst). Lots of conference questions and alternative type questions. I'm so relieved it's over with though. I couldn't help but try the pvt, and so far have the good pop up. Crossing my fingers that I see my name on ca bon site. Thank you all for the support, tips and reassurance! time to relax
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    omg that's awesome, did u have a lot of sata? I am taking the nclex aug 10 I am so nervous...
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    I would occasionally get 2 satas in a row followed by a priority questions, but I would say that I had at least 10 no more than 15. Overall, maybe 20 alternative type questions
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    not bad I am so nervous I did over 300 questions today, I have the Kaplan book took the 145 question test in the back of the book only scored 68 I don't know if that's good or not
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    My kaplan test scores were mid 50s to 60s. You seem like you're on the right track. It really helps to do a lot of questions, I could sat through 165 questions before I needed a break! After my break I had 10 more questions and the computer shut off(:
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    I felt like I did better earlier in the Kaplan test near the end I got a lot wrong, I think cause I didn't take a break it took me 2 and a half hrs..
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    Yeah definitely take breaks! It'll keep you from getting flustered
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    Congrats J. so do you think Kaplan and nclex are similar or is Kaplan is harder than NCLEX?
  10. 0 were you doing on the Q-bank?
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    Lisa, if you got a 68 you are doing well.

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