Took my test today please tell me i passed!

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    Ok so I took my NCLEX pn today and let me tell you, the exam was nothing like I expected ,it was HARD and I mean HARD!! And I have taken hard exams before, one of my teachers actually submits nclex questions and she gets flown to all types NCLEX events because she's a great teacher and she can write some hard questions but nothing like this exam! I felt so unprepared I had sooooooooo many med questions, soo many priority questions, a lot of things I guessed on and I mean a lot but I simply didn't know! I almost cried when my computer went passed 85 it went to 99 and shut off I thank god because I was hot, had a headache and just couldn't take it anymore! I drove home and thought well let me just do the trick! I logged on, hit register, put PN and my school into an when I hit next it said: Our records indicate etc, I hope I passed !!!!
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    Well it sounds like the good pop up but let us know......congrats for now!!
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    Hope so thank you
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    Quote from samantha2174
    Hope so thank you
    Mine stopped at 85 today. I hope you passed! I thought about you too!

    I had a lot of conference questions. ALOT.

    And priority. When I saw the computer shut off I really thought I failed too. So far I'm still getting the good pop up. The test was difficult! Very tricky. I guessed on quite a few.

    I hope we passed!!
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    I hope so too! I mean wow I'm still in awe because some of the questions were so ridiculous and when my computer went passed 85 I almost died!!!
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    What are conference questions? Is that part of PN?
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    Quote from Nikkinism70s
    What are conference questions? Is that part of PN?
    No I've heard RN's getting them too.

    " a nurse is in a conference with colleagues regarding infection control, what she should she reinforce in the meeting''

    I got a lot of those. And priority. Tons. One EKG strip, one drag and drop, and 12 SATA
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    Oh ok LOL thanks pookyp!

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