Tip for Addison's vs Cushing's - page 2

Here is a little trick I came up with for remembering all the hyper/hypo symptoms related to Addison's and Cushing's: Put the symptoms in alphabetical order minus the hyper/hypo: -calcemia... Read More

  1. by   DragonflyLady17
    Easy way- Addison's "too little salt, sugar and sex hormones"
    Cushing "too much sugar salt and sex hormones."

    Also know NA and K always opposite. So where too little salt is is where you have too much potassium like Addison's. Also Cushing you are moon faced and buffalo humped- High BP, edema. Weight increase- As you can see you are high most things.
  2. by   corpsman412
    Quote from joe17
    Here's how I remember it

    Some(na). People (k) Get( glucose) colds(ca). Now. Addison ( notice there's is 2DD).

    So I would start from DDecrease na, then Increase K, then decrease Glucose, and last increase caFor Cushing is the reverse you start from increase.

    CUSHING(notice the C. ( increment or increase)

    Hope this helps

    :it sounds complicated but actually it
    helps me not to forget it. ,and it works well with my old memory.

    This is great! Im killing these NCLEX practice questions just with this simple trick! Thank you!