Tiffany phamacology notes

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    Hi friends I hope you are preparing for NCLEX . God bless you all. Hi is there any one who receive pharmacology notes from Tiffany I read the post , please. If there is any one who have it, or if you are tiffiny please help . My email is reading for my third time NCLEX taking!! Thanks

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    Hey there.. im emailing you now
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    Youre going to have to send me an email. your email address isnt working.
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    Hi Tiffany. My email is
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    Tiffany, can you email me the notes also?

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    Hi Tiffany
    I am preparing to take Nclex and is in desperate need for pharmacology help. Can you please email me your pharmacology notes

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    I am hesitant to take my NCLEX and i am just studying right now. I would appreciate a copy of your notes if that is okay.
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    Hey guys,

    My email is for who ever can email it to me aswell thank you.
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    @tiffanyc123~if you dont mind sending your pharmacology note too! Thank you in advance
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    Just so you guys know, they notes helped me with the pharm portion, but every test is different, and i passed by learning strategies.. and the most serious side effects that would kill your patient first.. this is what helped me pass.. some of the drugs u will find on nclex wont be on here... as the most common ones are listed, but it helps you to know by the name of the drug, what kind of drug u are dealing with. so instead of memorizing all the drugs and considerations, etc.. you have to learn how to categorize the drugs by their names and know their main side efffects and considerations...
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