To those second time NCLEX-RN test takers who were successful...

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    Hey there RN's. Hoping all is going great with job searching or work if you are already employed. I'm writing to get some advice and feedback regarding preparation for taking NCLEX-RN for the second time. I initially tested on July 22 of this year but was not successful. I started to study again at the end of July and have been studying since 5 days a week doing 100-200 questions per day as well as reading 3 chapters of Saunders Comprehensive Review book. I am using Kaplan Qbank and Qtrainers and also LaCharity book. I scheduled my retake for September 11. I have done the qtrainers and my scores have improved much (Readiness 60%, Q1 60%, Q2 55%, Q3 49% yikes, Q4 82%, Q5 63% and Q6 64%. I will be doing Qtainer 7 in a few days. My Qbank average is 61%. I am not sure how to know when I am ready and if I need to push back my test date. I definitely feel more comfortable and confident with material. How did you know when you were ready? Should I be scoring higher on Qtrainers? Thanks so much in advance. You are all a great encouragement and blessing.
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    Any help is much appreciated.
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    I failed the first time also. My recommendation to you is NOT to change the test date. Since you have already taken the test once-use that to your advantage-you are familiar with the testing site and what to expect-that should calm your nerves a bit. You seem right on track with studying. Don't lose focus now. I kept wanting to push my 2nd test back also-but in the end you either know your content or you don't. Not knowing your content will not help you. Do you have the LaCharity book on PDA? This should help you with the critical thinking questions-Make sure you read your rationales-even for the ones you got right. Keep your chin up. I am sure you have this... Good luck
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    Very true GoingtobeanRN!! I don't have the LaCharity book on's a paperback. I am about to do a chapter or two right now. Thanks so much. When do u retest? or did you already?
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    I also did not pass the NCLEX the first time (7/3/12), I had 250 questions in 4 hrs and failed. I rescheduled for 8/20/12, I studied from LaCharity, Kaplan trainers 1-5,7 skipped 6. I usually got between 58-70- I also did Qbank from kaplan and Exam cram book- I went to the library 5-6 times a week for 2 hrs a day, that way I got uninterrupted study time. Being disciplined and having structure paid off, I retook the exam this paST monday and I only had 80 questions and PASSED!!!!!
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    I just passed in August-but I knew what to expect since I failed the first time. I felt more prepared. I put little faith in any predictor test-or question bank-just because I had done them so many times I had memorized the need to know why things happen...and how to fix it...stay on course with studying and you will be fine
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    Congratulations milfordmom and goingtobeanRN.. Taking mine soon for a second time.. Thank you for sharing..
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    Thats great news Milford and GoingtoBe!!! Happy to hear that there are two more great nurses in the world. Thanks for your feedback
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    Heyy im sure u will pass this time....i only took nclex once and passed but my kaplan scores are only in their 50's! I think prayers helped aloooooot. Wihout it, i think i wouldnt have passed at all. Coz my scores are that bad. Seeing how ur in ur 60's man thats awesome!!! Be confident and dont worry too much, and in everything keep on praying! Goodluck!
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    What I did not mention in my previous post, and probably the most important part was that the day before the test I went on FB and asked my friends to pray for me and my husband and his friend were also praying while I was taking my test. I needed both prayer and action (studying). Faith without works, doesn't work!
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