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Third time is the charm!

  1. 1 I sat for my boards for the third time on August 21st. The first two times i was so nervous i couldn't even function. This time I went in with a completely different mind set. I stayed all night in the town I was testing in. I didn't touch anything the night before actually i hadn't touched anything since the wednesday before because i got in a bad car accident last thursday. Everyone said I should reschedule, but i was determined to take it and pass. I got to the testing center 30 minutes early and was actually seated at my computer 15 minutes before my scheduled test. I was hoping to shut off at 75, but it kept going, i took lots of breaks, and i kept track of my high level questions. . . i had 40 SATA, 7 drag and drop, 7 pictures, 7 exhibits, 4 EKG strips, and 2 math. My computer kept going 76, 100, 150, 200, i knew i was getting 265, and i did! i left numb and sick, i sat in my car and cried. The first time i failed with 265 third time i passed with 265. I wasn't sure if i wanted to try pearson vue this time, but i did and i got the nice little message. Within 2 1/2 hours after leaving the testing site i had already received a message from my state board with my license number! i have never, out of all my friends, heard of anyone getting their results so quickly!

    I had done it all when it came to review. AllNurses website was my best friend. I googled study guides, drug study guides, EKG strips, you name it. I used YouTube, Kaplan classroom, NCSBN, Hurst, Exam Cram, Saunders, PDA. . . I think it all came down to me focusing, taking my time, and realizing this is just a test, it doesn't determine what kind of nurse you will be! good luck everyone! it'll happen for you!
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    CONGRATS!!!! I can't wait til my time come to pass. I'm soo nervous!
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    thats alot of SATA!!!