The easier the questions are, the more likely you failed?

  1. Hi everyone! I took my NCLEX this morning and of course I am VERY anxious! I don't know what to think, but I am setting myself up for the absolute worst, just in case I do indeed fail. All I kept praying and hoping for was for the computer to shut off after 75 and it did! I was happy only because it was over, but I am aware that the amount of questions will not determine if you passed or failed it. So of course I come home and start torturing myself and look up answers to my questions. Whats making me freak out is that my questions weren't AS HARD as I thought they should be!!! Isn't it true that the easier the questions are, the more likely you failed? Sighhhh, I know all I can do is wait another 2days. I'm venting out my anxiety!!! I'm hoping that they didnt seem that hard was because I was prepared..they did seem easier compared to the Kaplan review questions!
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  3. by   MursingMedic
    Why don't you try the pearson vue trick in the sticky above. It apparently is pretty definitive in telling you whether you passed or not.

    I took mine this morning too and unlike you, I thought it was a horrible test. I walked out knowing I failed (as did everyone else I know who has taken it) and yet I got the good pop up. Give it a try.
  4. by   klaloan
    I wanted to try it but hesitant to get a false reassurance, only to find out I failed on Friday! Have you met anyone that the trick hasn't been on point with?
  5. by   MursingMedic
    Nope, not yet. I have heard of one who got the CC screen but in the end actually passed, but never a false positive. I read about 10 pages of the sticky and hadn't seen one who got a false positive. I think if there was any error on the process, the mods here would have removed the thread.
  6. by   klaloan
    Argh, I gave in to trying the trick but didn't get just said results unavailable at the time. I'll just suffer! lol
  7. by   klaloan
    Hi! Sorry to bother you again! but I did the trick the the GOOD message popped up not allowing me to register because I have already registered. I want to freak out and cry tears of happiness but I'm still doubting it! omg, I'll post an update if the trick worked.
  8. by   MursingMedic
    Don't doubt it! You passed! Congrats!!!!
  9. by   FocusRN
    If your test has been delivered successfully and are not on hold, the trick works, period. The way I see it, is you already took the test, so it is what it is. Torture yourself if you want but it's unnecessary. If you failed, not doing the trick won't change it into a pass, and you know now so you can get on with the grieving process. If you passed, you could use that extra two days to relax before your grueling job search instead of being full of necessary anxiety. Whatever you choose, good luck!
  10. by   FocusRN
    So I posted late. CONGRATS!!!!!
  11. by   klaloan
    Thank you! LOL...but I'm not going to celebrate until I actually see the word PASS on Friday! But @ least my anxiety went down a lot!
  12. by   EricJRN
    It sounds like congratulations may be in order. To touch on your original question: If we're going to get any hints about pass/fail from the difficulty of the questions, we would have to have some objective measure of what is easy and what is hard. What I find simple might be tough for someone else - and vice versa.

    We know that certain question formats may represent higher or lower levels of material, but even that doesn't tell the whole story.
  13. by   klaloan
    Does anyone know how accurate the 48hrs results are? I mean in terms of pearson having the results available to students in 48 hrs, or do they sometimes take longer? I took exam on Wednesday morning at 8am and finished at 9:45am. I also don't see anything on my state's website and I am starting to freak out all over again!
  14. by   klaloan
    please disregard my last post, pearson has my results available, just waiting for my husband to come home and I'll open it (crossing fingers!!!!!!) I will follow up in a few!