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Wish me luck!! Prayers and positivity very much appreciated. This forum has got me through a lot throughout nsg school, and hopefully this is just another hurdle to jump over!!! :)... Read More

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    thanks i will let you know how it goes

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    Quote from 1KeriG
    Do you live in a state that has quick results? I am still waiting. Tested on the 18th but live in Cali so no quick results. A classmate tested over 2weeks ago and still no official results!
    yes i do. so the wait until weds will be awful
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    Wow congrats!!!!!! I am testing in 2 days!!!! Ahhhhhh I'm soooo nervous!
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    I am taking mine on the 26th too Gluck! I'll pray for both of us!!!!!!!
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    Good Luck!
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    Hey guys. What is a good pop ?.
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    i test at 2pm. i just went over my whole PDA by lacharity book again. God will be with us tomorrow.

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