Taking NCLEX-PN again :( Any words of encouragement?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm writing because I need advice (but more encouragement)
    I graduated almost a year ago at the end of March. Studied with Kaplan in April, May, and took the test in June and didn't pass. This was the one of the most horrible things that happened and I never understood why I didn't make it. Now that I look back, it was definitely fear. I was planning to take it again in August but "life" happened. Throughout 2 years of nursing school, I barely had a life. Funny with the events that coincided bc after the first NCLEX, I had time to spend with family (which was nice), friends (especially one who's a first time mother), friend's wedding (in whom I haven't seen forever and did all that girl bonding stuff; I was also her bridesmaid), and met the love of my life (which I didn't expect or see coming at all). I was aiming for December but I got sick with pneumonia (HORRIBLE) and my mom was hospitalized for an adverse reaction to a new med (that or a contraindication w. her meds her dr. didn't notice) that aggravated her asthma/breathing, which was very scary at that time.

    Now that I look back at that (and if you're somewhat spiritual like me), it all happened for a reason, it seems. Maybe it wasn't my year yet bc I had so many other blessings that happened in my life. My colleague was explaining to me that (as cheesy as it sounds), things happen for a reason and firmly believes there's a reason that I didn't pass the first time. Before I got sick in December, I was able to take a HURST review class and have been watching her videos. Kaplan didn't help me at all except for memorizing test strategies but I do have that ingrained in my head ("that would require further teaching" = look for the wrong answer). My test is next Thursday and I don't know what else to do. I have negative parents that are trying to get in my business and even look for tech jobs for me (not LPN) but I just need to ignore it but it gets frustrating sometimes. It doesn't help that my boyfriend's family is (you can say) "nosy" about it either, wanting to know my test date, where, etc... (I've known them for years so we're all comfortable w. each other). Think dynamics of Italian family - everyone wants to know your business but I'm very very private and feel uncomfortable w. that out there. It's hard to block the negativity when you're just trying to focus and be positive for yourself, especially since the last NCLEX experiences weren't so great. Anyhoo, any words of encouragement?? Inspiration? Good NCLEX tips? Right now, I can't help but feel like I didn't really PUSH myself, like "Rocky" style. I feel like I've tried to study opposite to the Rocky style to prevent myself from getting anxious or negative feelings stirred up. I rescheduled and I have officially a week and a half. My boyfriend has been supportive reminding me that it may feel like I don't have all this knowledge but he said all the Kaplan and Hurts classes I"ve taken in the past months are still in my head; it just needs to be refreshed. What should I do? For now, I plan to:

    - watch the HURST videos to review the physiological content
    - review the PEARSONVIEW "NCLEX-PN EXAM CRAM" book for the pharmacology review
    - all contents review with Kaplan and practice questions with that NCLEX Kaplan app.

    Anything else I can do?

    THANKS allnurses family
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  3. by   julz68
    I think you're right on track. Just keep doing practice Q's every day, but also allow time for breaks here and there or your brain will be in information overload. Keep a positive attitude and don't allow any negativity in your life at all between now and test day. Keep focussed on your goal of success. The night before your exam, don't do anything but relax and give your brain a rest. Get a good night's sleep so you will be more focussed. All your knowledge will come forth once you begin your test. Remember to breathe and stay calm...don't let anxiety get the best of you. You will do just fine
    Good luck & keep us posted!
  4. by   davi000
    what is your score in kaplan? and when you taking ur exam. just think postive. iam talking in march and i was graduated 9 yrs back so i review at home about six months everyday 50 ques. this month all day along my head stuck in laptop. i have big HOPE i can do it. if my luck with me. i believe in GOD and LUCK besides hardwork.