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ok i don't want people to think i'm bragging but i thought that nclex-rn was easy. i'm guessing it was just my lucky day and all the random questions were ones that i knew. i didn't spend a single... Read More

  1. by   oluchika
    Quote from bubblejet50
    I say the same thing. I did not study at all for the rn exam and passed. I truly believe you can overstudy. Some of my classmates did that on exams in the program. It does just psych yourself out
    This is true. People try to study content on the basis that it MIGHT be covered on the exam, and I feel that it's just wasting time. Same with people trying to study certain medications. I feel that strategies help more than anything. My exams in nursing school were not in NCLEX format, so for me, Kaplan's strategy book helped the most. However, for people who are used to the format, I feel that they might not have to do very much preparation.