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Giving me mini heart attacks lol Took NCLEX dec 6 did pvt 3 hours later (& every hour on the hour lol) got the good pop up Didn't pay for the quick results figuring I'd get something in the mail from Pearson vue but nothing... Read More

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    Quote from LadyRoe1226

    Hey .CYoungLPN!!!! The Kaplan has one that is $129 and three different installment of $ that the one you are talking about? Or the most expensive one???
    Yes the $43 one it's EXACTLY like NCLEX except NCLEX is easier

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    Quote from mshock1063
    hi CYoungLPN
    asking this question for my daughter, were you able to use the Kaplan Strategies to all questions when taking NCLEx. She didn't pass the first time and I'm trying to find out as much info as I can to assist her in becoming successful next time. Did you use the 35 page review here and find it helpful. Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.
    hope this helps if not feel free to DM me
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    I love this trick works every time.
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    Quote from CYoungLPN

    hope this helps if not feel free to DM me
    Thanks girl.. You rock!
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    Awesome! LOL .. Glad you made it, welcome to the team!
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    I never went to kaplan so i dont know what qbank and that stuff is but I used the silvesteri cd and I saw a lot of the same questions on the NCLEX Im so happy I used it
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    thank you very much.

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