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Some of my diet mnemonics. ;)

  1. 10 Hey guys! Just wanna share my own-devised Diet Mnemonics, came from various sources, verified as I use them to answer questions. Disclaimer: May not be 100% accurate. Hope this helps! :spin:

    CARBOHYDRATES (My Favorite Game is Volleyball)
    Milk, Fruits, Grains, Veggies

    CHOLESTEROL (A Sedentary Lifestyle Ends)
    animal products, shellfish, liver and organ meat, egg yolks

    SATURATED FATS (LasVegas Bars Beats Hollywood)
    luncheon meats, beef, butter, hard yellow cheeses

    POLYUNSATURATED FATS - plant oils (corn, safflower, sunflower)

    PROTEINS (Proteins BuilD Fearless Men)
    poultry, bread and cereals, dairy products, fish, meats (w/c has complete proteins/contains all essential amino acids)

    FOLIC ACID (FOOL) fish, organ meats, oranges, leafy green veggies

    NIACIN, THIAMINE (B1), RIBOFLAVIN (B2) - (Gain Money & Lives Forever)
    grains, meats (pork), legumes, fish

    PYRIDOXINE (B6) - (YMCP) * remember, isoniazid(INH) increase B6 intake; levodopa decrease B6 intake
    yeast, meat (fish), corn, poultry

    COBALAMIN (B12) - (ML)
    meat, liver + citrus fruits, dried beans, brewer's yeast

    VITAMIN C - (CCTB) citrus fruits (strawberries, oranges, kiwi), cabbage, tomato, broccoli

    VITAMIN A - (Eye Must Feel Very Lively)
    egg yolk, milk (whole), fruits, veggies (lively - green, orange, yellow), liver

    VITAMIN D- (Cute MilkFish Oil)
    cereals, milk (fortified), fish, oils

    VITAMIN E - antioxidants (ANTOV)
    apple, avocado, apricot
    tomato, potato
    oils, vegetable
    veggies, green and leafy

    VITAMIN K (greens) green leafy veggies, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, brussels

    POTASSIUM (K+) *Remember Vitamin K-clotting factor; K/Potassium-electrolyte!!
    think of rainbow colors
    Red - strawberry, tomato (but not apple!!)
    Orange - oranges, cantaloupe, carrots, apricot
    Yellow - banana, potato
    Green - avocado, kiwi
    Blue from blue sea - fish
    I/V Indigo/Violet - raisins
    + salt substitutes

    SODIUM (Na) Think of: Fast foods/processed, saltwater fish, canned foods

    CALCIUM (Ca) Think of: Dairy and Creamy (cheese, collar greens, milk, rhubarb, tofu, yogurt, etc

    milk, meat
    avocado, potato
    greens (spinach, broccoli)
    nuts, peas
    etc. (raisins, yogurt)
    tuna, canned & white

    organ meats - pork, beef, chicken
    grains (whole)

    IRON (Fe) think of: Iron is found in the blood, you inject meds w/ a syringe, and a syringe has a BEVELed needle
    Breads & cereals
    Veggies (dark green)
    Egg yolk
    Lliver meat
    *Orange juice increases Fe absorption via PO

    Tuna fish
    Yeast, yogurt
    ROH - chemical symbols for alcohol or if you like Rum
    Cheese, swiss; caffeine
    Soy sauce, sausages, sour cream
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    cool it is often helpful when we make our own ..easier to remember, thanks for sharing
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