so this is how it feels: I'm taking nclex RN in nov: i need advice on study plan

  1. I was happy today that I finally got my eligibility to take the exam. Guys I have 1 month to review but prior to that i have been consistently studying but for those who have 1 month to study and passed what did you guys do? any advice suggesstions would be really help.

    Finished review Saunders CD, Kaplan 2010 book, Lippincott Cd, finishing nclex 4000 and I'm currently reading the saunders books at least 1 chapter per day. I'm going back into answering 250 questions per day again after exhaustedly got tired answering a total of 8000k question since May and it finally come this.

    I would really appreciate all the inputs. Last time I was here I was just reading all this comments about nclex and now I'm in this position where I feel happy and nervous at the same time.

    Thank You to Everyone reading and replying and take care and God bless us all nclex takers!!!!!!!!!!!
    we can make it
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It sounds to me like you have been making a good effort at the task. Keep it up. Good luck.
  4. by   jtanga
    Good luck
  5. by   jtanga
    Ive been using Mosby Q and A and Saunders in may Ipod touch. NOt even sure if this is a good reference. I started answering Q and A since my 3rd year in Nursing school. I'm currently using hurstreview and kaplan. I really love hurst review. I might take the exam on NOv too!