So I failed

  1. I just took my RN exam. I got 79 questions and I didn't pass. I'm so upset by this. I have read some other stories of failing and it has helped me to remember not to give up and try again. Even though I failed and it sucks, I have to remind myself that I was going through a lot during my last semester of nursing school and leading up to my exam. I had a baby four weeks before I graduated and went back to school five days later, in addition to working part time and having to care for a 5 year old. I have to remind myself that I didn't go through all of that for nothing and if I can get through school under those conditions then I can do anything. I am struggling with feeling like I'm going to be looked at as a lesser nurse(by employers when the look at my registry page) when the truth is I'm not. I just want to be given the chance to prove that without being skipped over because I failed once. I have been looking at other posts to see how people are studying so I thank all if you for posting your experiences. It's helpful to be able to communicate with others who truly can empathize with me!!
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  3. by   RN2BEESOON
    Great attitude :-) Take you a break & try again. You've made it through nursing school so you'll definitely pass NCLEX. What did you use to prepare? Also inbox me when you get a chance
  4. by   asdfg12345
    No one will look at you lesser! It is just a test, you know how many of the nurses that are working now have failed their tests as well...!
    I failed the first time too and worked my butt off for this second time...I had to do 265 (AGAIN!)

    I can understand how you feel but don't get down on yourself, this is only a test, it's one day! Its 2-6 hours of one of your days and it will be over, it doesn't define you as a person, and no one is going to post your transcript or resume around the hospital for people to see how many times you take it.

    You will be fine, keep the faith
  5. by   Makama1
    It doesn't matter the no of times you fell, what matters is getting up. Stand up, stand firm, God ll give you Victory.
  6. by   all4neuro
    I had a baby in nursing school also! Congratulations!!!
    You are amazing, and will not be looked down upon. Take a weekend review course for NCLEX, if you didn't already. Some guarantee that you will pass, or they give your money back.
  7. by   NottaSpringChik
    Gosh, I am puzzled by your statement that someone could find out you failed by "looking at your registry page." I didn't know anything about the NCLEX was part of any record until you passed, and then it is that you passed! Not how many questions or how many times you took the test. Where is this information? Can prospective employers have access to it? I didn't know anything about that.

    Anyway, I really admire you getting through nursing school with all that hardship. You definitely will pass NCLEX!! You are amazing. There are a ton of great strategies for studying on this forum and so much encouragement too for those that pass after a false start. You will do it and I don't think anyone needs to know anything other than you passed nursing school and NCLEX unless you choose to share that information. I really admire anyone who comes on here and seeks to share this information because it is helpful and encouraging to others. There are some really courageous people who post on this forum and I really admire them.
  8. by   kathconserv
    I have been a nurse for seven years and so much has happened since my passing the NCLEX. It is something that nobody discusses at work. Serioulsly. Just take them again. The boards are nonsense and do not reflect nursing at all.
  9. by   NurseTurtles
    Good luck, and don't stress out. Plenty of amazing nurses have failed the nclex more than once.