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I am taking my NCLEX-RN exam in mid september.I sometimes feel so unmotivated and just don't feel like studying.So I thought of making a thread for people who are going through the same and preparing for the NCLEX.This thread is... Read More

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    I take mine Sept 5th.... Having some major anxiety about this!!!! LOL
    Good luck September test takers

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    Good luck everyone I'm taking my nclex in september also. Stay positive we will pass this exam
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    I haven't heard from anyone on hear about Kaplan for lpn/lvn and how it is scored, but that is what I am using. My problemis that Kaplan only allows me to do timed question banks in increments of 50 questions or less; My scores range from 60% - 74%. But because it is only 50 questions, I can't figure out if that is decent or not? Can someone help me out
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    How do you guys practice SATA questions ? from Saunders CD or NCLEX 4000?
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    I take mine sept 24th, Im terrified. This is my second time taking. Good luck to everyone!
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    Quote from Indian_rn2b
    How do you guys practice SATA questions ? from Saunders CD or NCLEX 4000?
    I practice SATA questions from nclex 4000
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    I'm not a September test taker, BUT I took my test this past August 30th (sort of like September... anyway)

    I know this feeling all too much. I graduated May 15th, and I didn't have the money to put in my application or pay Pearson, so I waited up until June 1st to put my stuff in. NJ-BON is notorious for taking forever to process things, I didn't get my ATT until August 14th, because I kept getting the run-around every time I called them, until I actually went up there. I wasn't even put into their system until July 16th. Don't worry, I have a reason for that mini-rant, haha.

    During that time, I kept hearing all of my classmates passing, some even getting jobs, and I didn't even have my ATT number yet, so I lost a lot of drive and motivation to study. I'd be CRAZY to study until some indefinite time. But I finally got a date for my test, and I still felt a bit unmotivated, so I actually did a few things (not saying this is what you have to do, but... it gave me a slight boost lol).

    1) I used the Saunders CD, the questions are good to do to get into the pattern of answering NCLEX like questions. Sometimes, I didn't feel like doing 100 questions a day, so I told myself if I at least did one or two quizzes a day, I'm still doing "something" instead of nothing. Before I knew it, once I started "doing" questions, it wasn't so hard to get into again. So maybe aim to do a quiz a day, and plan days where you'll do more. When it's time for the NCLEX, you're going to HAVE to do questions, so try a day where you pretend it's the NCLEX and force yourself to do a 100 question exam. Then read rationales etc when it's done.

    2) The other unnecessary, but slight booster I did, I ordered a Littmann stethoscope off of Amazon. During nursing school, I had this really super cheap $8 stethoscope. It worked, but I've always wanted a really good one. So when it finally arrived, I thought "Just think, you'll get to USE it when you get a job!" and that for some reason, put me in a mode to study. I would put it around my neck and do some Saunder's questions :P

    3) Talking to people who took their NCLEX already. I know everyone's experience will be different, but I noticed part of the reason I didn't want to study, was because I was afraid of what I thought I didn't remember, or what I may have forgotten. So it was easier to not know by not finding out! But everyone I talked to felt the same way, and listening to their test taking experience put me at ease a little, and I wasn't so afraid to just do questions or review once in a while.

    I found out today that I passed Good luck to everyone! Remember, you came this far, you must've been doing something right :P
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    Quote from iheartNICU89
    I practice SATA questions from nclex 4000
    Can you please tell me where to do SATA in nclex4000.
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    Quote from ibmskrissy
    Can you please tell me where to do SATA in nclex4000.
    It's under "Build a custom test" and you will see "Show Alternate Questions Only" and it has got 243 SATA questions.
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    Hello ladies,
    Where can I get that 4000 questions bank?

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