Second time NCLEX with 265 Questions!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I just want to share my NCLEX journey with you all. I took my first NCLEX in the first week of May and I got 265 Questions. I was tired, highly anxious the whole 6 hours. I cried all the way home and almost for 3 days, I cried. All my friends passed and I was the only one who didn't made it. My parents and my boy friend was so supportive and they took me out to cheer up and advise me never to give up. I usually have very high anxiety and the NCLEX got it out of me on that day. Oh also I used the Kaplan QBank, Qtrainers and the kaplan book for my first test.
    One week after my first test, I started all over again. I bought the Saunders book, La Charity and Exam Cram. I realized, I need to strengthen my content before I practice the questions. I studied for 5-6 hours, 5 days a week for a 37 days. I did 150 questions a day and few chapters from Saunders. Let me tell everyone, the Saunders book really helped me understand the concept well. Okay, so after around 50 days since my last exam, I took my second NCLEX. The exam center was an hour away but my dearest dad paid for a hotel nearby for the night before the test and he gave me company till I went in to take my test. He gave me a big hug before I went in and told me to just try my best and leave the rest in God's hand.
    Once again, Guess what?? I had 265 questions. But this time I got way more SADA'S, lets say around 40 atleast ,7-8 math, lots of priority, lot of meds and OMG lots of EKG strips. I was so mad because I didn't really study those in detail. Even though it took me 5.5 hours long, I was suprisinly calm and I felt better than the first time. My poor dad was waiting for me inside the car this whole time and when I came out, he gave me a big hug and told me he had a good feeling about the test this time. He took me to lunch and we drove back. This time I didn't shed a single tear surprisingly. But trust me, I been praying so much and I did manage to keep a calm mind. But I was still nervous to check the PVT, so I waited till the next day evening for my parents to come back from work. And I let me dad check it, I was holding my moms hand and was seriously about to have a heart attack. But guess what??? I got a good pop up. I then checked it again myself and same pop up. I kinda thought I passed, but I didn't tell anyone till I got my license this morning at 6.30 a.m.
    Pretty much, this sums up my journey and I am the happiest person Today and this is my best early birthday gift I thank God, my wonderful parents and my boyfriend for putting up with me and being soo supportive through this process. Also, I want to thank everyone who wrote on this website because I read a lot of blogs and people here are so supportive and optimistic. Everyone please Don't Give Up and remember its not because you are not smart. Some people are better test takers, so they perform better. Keep your head up and I will pray for everyone preparing for this dreadful test!!!
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  3. by   Miniangel2
    Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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    Congratulations new RN! There's harvest at the end of planting..
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    Congrats new RN!
  8. by   ttsewang
    Thank you everyone God Bless!!!
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    Congrats!! Everything in due time.
  11. by   ttsewang
    Thank you all
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    Congrats! I also took the exam the first time got 265! Failed.. Took it again yesterday got all 265 again!...I got the pop up saying I can't reschedule.. Is this good news? Does this mean I passed? I took exam in NY.
  13. by   pumpkinspice555
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You deserve this I am so happy to hear you passed. Please keep us updated about the job hunt!
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