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Scheduled Nclex PN

  1. 0 I scheduled my nclex pn for feb 9 at 8am. Im a college student enrolled at Drexel University. PearsonVue is right around the corner from me. I don't want to delay taking the nclex any longer. I need to pass, no if ands and buts. Im terrified I took the nclex 3 times already and failed. I need to pass the nclex to stay in school there is not enough money to pay for college. Passing the nclex is my only hope or im doomed. I dont know what it is Ive gotten near the passing standard for all the categories except basic care and comfort I got below passing. I have bad test anxiety, my heart starts racing I feel likes its going to pop out of my chest. I dont want the computer to shut off at 85, I will cry. I do about 150 questions everyday and Im starting to read the rationals. I have exam cram, the kaplan book and the saunders. The cds arent compatible with my mac so im using nclex online. I also review drugs and do a few math problems. Any advise help please
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    Hey.. @mmichel26

    It seems like you have a lot on your plate. I graduated nursing school in Aug and at the end of Aug registered for college classes. I'm a single mom. My son just turned two and just my son and I live alone in out apt (so quiet time.. I don't really have that). In addition, I work 30 hours a week. I realized that school was not a priority and that I needed to study. So, I withdrew from my classes and used the time to study. I used Lippcott NCLEX-PN Plus Q&A along with Hurst-PN Review. Lippcott was great for doing test questions. Made Hurt look like a walk in the park. BUT.. Hurst-PN Review is GREAT for preparing you for taking NCLEX. And, the NCLEX questions are very similar to HURST-PN Review. While taking my NCLEX all I could hear was Marlene in my head. I was like this NCLEX was Marlene all the way. While taking the NCLEX my comp shut off at 86 questions. I was scared to death. I even cried. A few hours after I took the test. I did the Pearson Vue Trick and I passed!! So, don't worry about how many questions you get. Just make sure you know the core information and know what to do to keep the patient safe. Allow, follow-up questions or further teaching questions.. Know that. And, I only had one math question and it was on drop factor and I go it wrong :/

    I highly recommend Hurst-PN Review! (Def read the chapter on "How to Tackle a Priority Question"
    Know the charts in the HURST Review.

    You need to know the core information while taking the exam remember:
    1) I'm taking the NCLEX... there's a problem
    2)There are symptoms in the scenerio
    3)Can you fix the problem with the options you have been given?

    I hope this helped

    Best wishes!!!

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    Def know your lab values. The questions regarding labs are not going to be direct, but you will need to identifty when something is out of range. Take a deep breath and take your time. Stay positive. You will pass. All the best to you!
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    i wish you luck! i am in the same boat, i have taken it 3 times and i have paid for it again and have until 3/04/13 to schedule and im scared to death to fail again, so i have yet to schedule....i wish i knew how to help, i have the same problems, i will check back to see how you are and if anyone has any good advise for getting over this hurdle!! good luck to you!
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    thanks everyone and good luck sunflowers, I wish you the best!!!
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    good luck..WE WILL PASS!!!
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